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Jessica Hsuan
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Jessica Hester Hsuan (Xuan Xuan)


Acting Skills: A

Jessica's acting skills has some ups and downs, it really depends on what kind of series is she in, what kind of character she is, and who is her costars. Sometimes, Jessica has pretty good luck of getting better storylines and better characters, for example, the one in "DIF IV" is an excellent character for Jessica. However, once a while, Jessica is also stars in not-so-good series, and acts as not-so-perfect characters, for example her character in "Rural Hero" was not that great, her character can get pretty annoying sometimes. But, overall, Jessica is a great actress, she always gives 110% in all her series


Comedy Skills: B+

Jessica stars in number of different comedy shows, but for some reason, I do not like her funny roles. I think she is just like Louis Koo, who is best for the tough and more serious characters, like the one in "A Matter of the Custom", Jessica did a very good job in that series


Crying Skills: B+

I do not recall watching her tears falling down in any of her series, dont give me wrong, she can cry, and she did a not-so-bad job in many of her series, but her crying skills are yet to be improved


Smiling Skills: A

I like her smiles; I think she looks really pretty when she smiles. Take a look at the pictures at left; you will know what I am saying here


Singing Skills: B-

I heard she singing in one of the TVB shows, she was singing with Benny, anyways, I think she sings OK, not so professional


Kissing Skills: A-

Usually a girl's kissing skills can be so much better than a guy's. Jessica has great kissing scenes with Louis Koo, and I really love to see them act as a couple on screens


Dressing Skills: A-

Jessica can dress up really nice in both ancient and modern series. I really the cloth she is wearing in "DIF IV", good match for her character


Improvement Skills: A-

As I said, Jessica's acting skills is up and down; sometimes she acts really well, such as in "Cold Blood Warm Heart", sometimes she can be really annoying because of her character. I like Jessica a lot, I really do, but it is a little hard for me to find most of her characters interesting


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Cold Blood Warm Heart




Best looking in Ancient series

A Step Into Past


Best looking in Modern series

Detective Investigation Files IV


Best Hair Style

I like Jessica's long hair a lot, her short hair makes her look like a tomboy. In "A Matter of the Custom", she has this beautiful long hair, and I really think that is the best hair style for her. I also like her hair style in "DIF IV"; it is not short, and not long either, but very pretty. Her hair style in "A Step Into the Past" is also pretty, that's probably her best ancient hair style ever




Best Costar

Louis Koo as all of you will agree with me, their love story in "DIF IV" just so heart-break. I also like Jessica to team up with Wong He, those two had an amazing chemistry together in "A Matter of the Custom"


Best Ancient Series

Game of Deceit, I love that series, it is so funny


Best Modern Series

Detective Investigation Files IV


Best Leading Role



Best Supporting Role

In "Cold Blood Warm Heart" and "Secret of the Heart"




Birthday: 08/18

Height: 171cm

Weight: 49kg