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Louis Koo
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Louis Koo Tin Lok (Gu Tian Le)

Let me start with the first series I ever see with Louis in it, and that is ATE, because of that series, I begin to obsess with Louis because I was totally moved by his villain role Zhang Zi Lik. Didn't I told you I love villains? You now see what can that weried favor do to me! Thumbs up: Louis' acting was AMAZING, it totally made me remembered the character like forever and ever! Thumbs down: am I the only one thinks that series is way too long?! I mean, I don't mind if I can see Louis for so many episodes, but it cost me too much money to rent the entire series ><

My favorite Louis' character is the one and only Ah Fei in DIF IV. I saw this one right after ATE II, and I thought Louis was so awesome by acting two different type of character, of course, one is good, one is evil. I loved the chemistry he had with Jessica. Oh, yeah, I begin to notice his crying skills in this series. Man, he can cry really well! I love his tears! Thumbs up: great story, great character, great chemistry, everything is great with him! Thumbs down: Why did he chose Anne instead of Jessica! The ending totally sucks!

After ATE II, I saw Burning Flame, god, my obsession with Louis just gets deeper and deeper! Louis had a supporting role as Lau Hoi Pak. It was dramatic, and emotional, and did I told you he can cry? Watch out that episode when he lost his love Ah Chui... Thumbs up: yeah, it is still my favorite series of all time, I saw it like five times or something! Holy Cow! Thumbs down: as a supporting role, you don't expect to see Louis all the time, of course!

War and Rememberance, the first ancient series of Louis I ever seen, I really enjoyed his "King style", it's really cute! Thumbs up: You get to see Louis as the king. Thumbs down: The love story sucked!

Speaking of the love story, Return of the Condor Heroes was way more better. He and Carmen made a really good fit, I loved every scene they shared together! Thumbs up: I loved his white and black hair! He looks so awesome! Thumbs down: I hate that girl who cut off his arm!

A Step Into the Past was another ancient series of Louis, which is really entertaining and enjoyable. This series has a wonderful storyline, and Louis' character was so smart and funny! Louis had his best comedy skills in that series! Thumbs up: his character is very enjoyable, I loved his love stories ~.~ Plus, he gets to pair with Jessica again! Thumbs down: hmm.. i can't think of any

Please don't laugh at me if I told you I have not see the ENTIRE Cold Blood Warm Heart yet, because that series is old, and I only saw the final episodes where Gallen starts to become really bad, but I don't recall anything about Louis, poor me, I guess I will re-rent it some other day to catch up!



Acting Skills: A

Louis is a very good actor, especially in his later career; he did his best in every series he stars in. Looking back at his early works, Louis is the cute factor in the series. Later on, he becomes more serious character in the series, which makes me like him the most


Comedy Skills: B

I like the serious Louis, not so much for the funny Louis, even though Louis can be really cute and funny sometimes. It seems to me, Louis performs better in the more serious shows


Crying Skills: A+++

One of the best criers of TVB actors, Louis is best at crying! For example, in "Detective Investigation Files IV", he cries a lot when he broke up with Jessica, that moment is so heart-breaking! Also, in "ATE II", he cries like crazy when Ada tried to suicide because of him. Another example, in "Step Into the Past", when the Princesses died, Louis' crying skill was once again proved to be the best!


Smiling Skills: B

I do not like the way he smiles for some weird reason. As I said above, he is not so good in the comedy series, and maybe that's one of the reason I don't like the way he smiles. I like his angry, serious and evil look! Ha-ha


Singing Skills: B-

Louis tries to rise up his voice while singing, but I don't think he did a good job of that. Since he has a deep voice, his singing skills just don't make too much attention. Although, I like his fast songs


Kissing Skills: A

His kissing skills can be perfect, depends on who is he kissing with. Most of the actresses are pretty compatible with Louis; in that case, his kiss is the best. For example, he and Jessica in "DIF IV", they are the perfect match, the perfect couple and of course they have the perfect kissing scene. However, Louis has some not-so-compatible costars, such as Le San San, those two acts as lovers in "Burning Flame", and they did kiss at the very end, which I did not like so much


Dressing Skills: A++

Louis has an excellent taste for clothes, especially in DIF IV and ATE II, you can tell his clothes are really expensive, which make him looks really cool


Improvement Skills: A

Louis played many different roles, and his performances just getting better and better. From "Hit-men Chronicles" to "Against the Blade of Honor", from "Recipe of the Heart" to "Cold Blood Warm Heart", and from "Burning Flame" to "DIF IV", you can see big changes come out of him


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Cold Blood Warm Heart




Best looking in Ancient series

A Step Into the Past


Best looking in Modern series



Best Hair Style

Not the hair Louis has now. I love his hair in "ATE II", he looks really hot!

Also in "Return of the Condor Hero 95", I love his black and white hair, which makes him looks so sexy!




Best Costar

Jessica Hsuan in "DIF IV" and Ada Choi in "ATE II", even though they both did not ending up with Louis. Luckily, Jessica got other chances in "Men's Best Friend" and "Step Into the Past". How about Ada? I will like to see them together again


Best Ancient Series

A Step Into the Past


Best Modern Series



Best Leading Role

Ah Fei in DIF IV


Best Supporting Role

Burning Flame, he did extremely well in that series.




Birthday: 10/21

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 70kg