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Benny Chan Ho Man (Chan Hao Ming)

Let's start with the debut series of Benny, "Demi Gods and Semi Devil". It was a great series, and Benny did an excellent job for debuting. His Dali Prince is way so cute that everytime I see him, I just want to huge him so bad! Thumbs up: As only a debut, Benny's character got into everyone's mind, and made the series way so popular, that everybody thinks about Dali Dun Yu, they think about Benny Chan! Way to go for a new face back then! Thumbs down: Notice Benny's debut performance, we can't say he was perfect, of course, that was his debut, people seems to think he is cute, and seems to forget about his talents.
Speaking of cute, I think Benny is the cutest in "Reaching Out", his Yik Sok is great and childish and BAD... haha... I totally believe Benny can have a villain role because of this series... Yik Sok is also my favorite type of character, because you can clearly see his changes throughout the whole series, from lazy and bad to a good worker and romantic... Also, Benny's comedy skills were excellent in this series, because you will laugh everytime you see his character does some stupid thing. Thumbs up: Benny had a great improvement in this series, you get to see his good and bad sides. Thumbs down: People seems to stereotype Benny as childish, or a boy never grows up.
Speaking of childish, here comes "Gods of Honor", this is my favorite series of Benny, also his Na Zha is my favorite character as well. As I said, I like the changes of the character throughout the series. His Na Zha is perfect at this, he changes from disrespectful, childish (once again), rude, annoying, BAD (yet again) to honorable, respectful, and good. Woooo... what a big difference! Thanks to his performance, we learned lots more about Na Zha than we suppose to... Thumbs up: This is the series made me obsess with Benny Chan. Thumbs down: I am still obsess with him today because of the series, what am I going to do? I am getting insane! Haha...
Speaking of insane, I think I am really gone crazy when I watched "Journey to the West II", sure everybody has told me this is a lot worse than the first Journey to the West, but I still watched it, and it turns out to be great! True, the storyline kind of sucked, but Benny's performance was great! I really love his monkey king, because he is cute with all those hair all over his head! Thumbs up: Benny's crying skills were developed during this series, also notice his funny and serious side, he did an excellent job for his facel expression. Thumbs down: people seems to compare his monkey king to Dicky Cheung's monkey king a lot times... Come on, people, give Benny a break!
Speaking of facel expression, I think Benny is best in "Whatever It Takes", his Li Long Ji is way so cute! I loved when he smiles, crys, screams, kisses (Tavia), jokes, and all that. Thumbs up: you get to see a better version of an old Benny (the old Benny in Dragon Love is not that great, because of the makeup). Thumbs down: Why there are only 20 episodes, I feel like I have not see him enough!
Speaking of "Dragon Love", Benny's Yip Hei is a totally different type of character who is reserved, not very outgoing, but romantic. It was a typical love story, and Benny is a typical guy who is in love with someone he is not suppose to love (in this case, the dragon). Thumbs up: We get to see a more reserved Benny than a childish Benny. Thumbs down: The storyline of the series wasn't that great.
Speaking of reserved, Benny is more reserved than ever in "Silver Mouse", his character Qiu Yin has a sad background and also has great martial arts skills! Way to go for Benny! Thumbs up: Benny's Qiu Yin is smart, cool, decisive and very mature, which is kind of different. We finally get to see a TOTALLY different Benny! Thumbs down: This series is a China/TVB production, which lots of you might not even heard about, but it is a good series...


Acting Skills: A

Benny Chan is one of my favorite actor of all time. I am telling you, it is hard to be listed in my favorite list, because I am easily obsess with some actors and easily erase them off. But, for Benny, it's different, for some reason, I just can not stop thinking about his series. His performance in "Gods of Honor" was excellent, you can clearly see his character's change throughout the entire story.


Comedy Skills: A+

Benny is really funny sometimes, especially is "Reaching Out", you will not stop laughing when Benny's character show up and does stupid things. Also, in "Whatever It Takes", he has his funny side, which is really cute.


Crying Skills: A++

God, I don't know how to explain to you about how much I love Benny Chan's tears! Because of his amazing crying skills, I have been obsess with Benny for about six months now, and still obsessing with him! He crys a lot in "Gods of Honor", which is so great and so powerful! Keep the tears going, Benny! I totally support you! Ha-ha


Smiling Skills: A-

Great! I love the way he smiles, because he looks really cute when he smiles. That's one of the main reason I like his monkey king in "Journey to the West II"


Singing Skills: A

Excellent! I love his themesong in "Dragon Love" and "Journey to the West". He has amazing voice, and I wish he can sing more themesongs in the future


Kissing Skills: B+

Not sure about this, the first girl I saw him kissing on the screen was with Fennie in "Dragon Love". Since I don't really like Fennie, I did not care too much about the kiss scene. Later, he kisses Yang Yi in "Whatever It Takes", that was a better kiss, however Benny does not love the girl, because he loves Annie (see "Whatever It Takes" review)


Dressing Skills: A+

Excellent dressing skills! Since I like Ancient clothes, and Benny did most ancient series than modern series, that's why I really like the way he dresses. Especially in "Whatever It Takes"


Improvement Skills: A+

Benny improves whole lot lately, he basically improves more and more in every series he stars in. Take an example: from "Journey to the West II" to "Gods of Honor", in these two series, he acts as very playful characters, and you can see much improvement of him for playing Nazha than the monkey king. Another example, from "Dragon Love" to "Whatever It Takes", Benny performs so much better in the later series, he also dresses so much better, too!


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Gods of Honor




Best looking in Ancient series

Whatever It Takes, I love his Prince outfit, he looks really good and handsome


Best looking in Modern series

He has too few modern series, I don't know which one to pick. By far, my favorite is "Reaching Out", Benny looks pretty cute in it... 


Best Hair Style

First place: Gods of Honor, he looks cute.

Second place: Whatever It Takes, he looks handsome




Best Costar

Annie Man of course! They have amazing chemistry together, I want to see those two together more and more!


Best Ancient Series

Gods of Honor, my favorite Benny series so far!


Best Modern Series

Reaching Out 


Best Leading Role

Na Zha in "Gods of Honor", or even the monkey king in "Journey to the West II". And of course the Prince in "Whatever It Takes"


Best Supporting Role

Perhaps in "Dark Tales II"? If his Prince role in "Demi Gods Semi Devil" count as the supportant role, that will be my choice also. And, don't forget Yi Sok in "Reaching Out", he is also really good in that series




Birthday: 10/07

Height: 1.76m

Weight: 138 lbs