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Ada Choi
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Ada Choi Siu Fun (Cai Shao Fen)


Acting Skills: A

Ada's performances are pretty good, the first time I began to notice her performance was in "Healing Hands", she did an excellent job for playing Jackie. Also, I think her best performance was in "Secret of the Heart"; she portrayed the character Diana really well


Comedy Skills: A-

I love her character in Armed Reaction III, a very funny and cute character; I really enjoy Bobby and her messing around with each other


Crying Skills: A+

One of the best skills Ada has, which is the crying skills. For some weird reason, TVB script writers like to put Ada in a position of facing her lover slowly changes to evil. For example, in "Secret of the Heart", her first true love was with Nicky Cheung, but only found out he changes himself completely. Later on, in "ATE II", once again, poor Ada has to face her lover Louis becomes an evil person. Thanks to those heart-broke-experiences, which helped Ada's crying skills achieve to the top! Ha-ha.


Smiling Skills: A+

Love the way she smiles, because she looks the best when she smiles.


Singing Skills: C

I don't remember much about her singing skills, I guess she sang the song in "Healing Hands", which is not so good.


Kissing Skills: A

Since all her love stories are pretty complicated in all her series, her kissing skill is the best! Her best kiss is with Louis, I think, because those two look really cute together, even though they did not end up together in "ATE II"


Dressing Skills: A-

I like the way she dresses in the ancient series, but not the modern series, dont know why. I love she wearing wedding outfits, she looks really good.


Improvement Skills: A

Ada did lots of good and not so good series, lately, she is getting pretty good roles, and you can still see lots of improvement come out of her. Example: from "Romance of the White Hair Lady" to "Secret of the Heart"; from "ATE II" to "Armed Reaction III"


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Secret of the Heart




Best looking in Ancient series

Where the Legend Begins


Best looking in Modern series

Perhaps ATE II


Best Hair Style

On the Track On or Off




Best Costar

Louis Koo


Best Ancient Series

She needs to have more ancient series! For now, I like "Where the Legend Begins", because she looks really good in it


Best Modern Series

For the more serious ones, Secret of the Heart

For the more fun ones, Armed Reaction III


Best Leading Role

Does Diana in "SOH" count as a leading role? If not, my favorite will be Jackie in "Healing Hands"


Best Supporting Role

If Diana does not count as a leading role, that will be the best supporting role. If Diana counts as the leading role, my favorite will be Ah Ning in "ATE II"




Nickname: Cha Siu Fun (BBQ Pork Rice)

Birthday: 09/17

Height: 5'7

Weight: 110 lbs