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Journey to the West II
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Journey to the West II (42 Episodes)

[viet name: Tay Du Ky II]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Benny Chan (monkey king), Kong Wah (master), Lai Yiu Leung (pig), Mak Cheung Ching (sand monk)


Who, What, When & Where

This is a continuous journey from the first part, most of the characters in part one is also in this one. The main lead changes to Benny, who is my favorite actor, ha! I know many people have complains about this series, but I don't. In fact, I really enjoy it... you will know why after you read this review. This series contains night sub-stories, some of them are really long, and some of them are pretty interesting.




Hate Factor

There is one sub story, which is way too boring and way too long. That is the first story, about some kind of monkey demon, which looks like Benny. I really have trouble understanding why the scriptwriters even bother to make that story.


There is another story about the master's father and mother, that is totally fictional, and totally messed up!


Love Factor

Since I am a huge Benny fan, my vote goes to Benny, duh! Yes, I agree Dicky did a better job for playing the monkey king, but I also enjoy Benny's way of acting. You will not use to Benny's way in the beginning because the first story really sucks, but later on, especially towards the end, you will like his monkey king.


I like the three-eye guy and his mother's story, it is also fictional, but meaningful. Also, they become friends after Benny helps the three-eye guy to save his mother. (They used to be enemies)


Love the last two stories, about that snake demon, who wants to take revenge on Benny for killing her husband (the other monkey, who is jealous if Benny and tries to replace him, that is also a good story, but it is a little bit too long. Benny also lost all his power in that story)


Joey Leung, who plays the bear demon, he is really cute and funny!


The pig is still the same old pig in part one, but I still like him, he is really funny, especially when he reads his favorite poem!


Pity Factor

I don't know; the stories in this series are not as touching as in part one. If I have to choose one, that will be the three-eye guy's mother, she is a fairy, but she falling love with this human, which is against the rule in heaven, so she has to stuck inside a mountain for many hundred years.


How Come Factor

The story begins with such a boring story? It's like the first part; the beginning is kind of boring. I can never figure out why...





Benny, since he is my favorite actor right now. I think he did a pretty good job here compare to his older series.



1. Benny's Monkey king even though I like Dicky's better. I think Benny can perform much better if the scriptwriter wrote some interesting stories for this series.


2. The new Guan Yin, much better than the one in the first part. I really like the actress who plays the new Guan Yin; she is an older actress, very famous, too.


3. Joey, who plays the bear demon, as I described above, he was really cute in this series. He is also really stupid as a bear demon, which makes you like him even more.



Benny and Rain, I saw them together in many series: "Gods of Honor", "Dragon Love", "Dark Tales II", etc. I guess they are good friends. Anyways, remember Rain was playing the spider girl who is in love with the monkey king? Well, she is still very in love with the monkey. I really love the part when Benny wants to get marry to Rain, so that his master will leave him alone. This part was really funny!



When Benny and Rain getting married, it is very funny part.


Every time you see Benny and the pig together, as I said above, I like the pig character, may be a little more in this part than in the first part.





The other monkey, who is jealous of Benny and made many mistakes, I don't like his way of acting, maybe because he is really evil.



Do not have one



Do not have one



The very first story, because it is so boring and wasting your time.




I read many negative reviews of this series, but I still like it. The visual effects were excellent, the fight scenes look real, and some of the characters are interesting.




For every Benny fan out there, you HAVE to watch it. If you are a big part one fan, and don't want to mess up your feelings towards "Journey to the West", you may not want to watch it.



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