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Journey to the West
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Journey to the West (30 Episodes)

[viet name: Tay Du Ky]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Dicky Cheung (monkey king), Kong Wah (master), Lai Yiu Leung (pig), Mak Cheung Ching (sand monk)


Who, What, When & Where

This is the story everyone should know, basically, its about a master with his three disciples: monkey, pig and the sand monk, who went through lots of difficulties on their way to the West to get the true sutra.


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Hate Factor

There are different sub-stories in the series, which is nice. But, some of them are way too long and you might find it draggy. For example, the "Fire Mountain" or the "Women Kingdom" story. You will be like, "when is this ever going to finish?"


Love Factor

There are plenty love factors in this series, I am going to break them down for you.


1. Dicky Cheung as the monkey king, love his "Yo" thing.

2. The pig because he is really funny sometimes, especially the way he walks, have you noticed? I think Lai Yiu Leung did a really good job here. The pig's laziness and his power of love are well showed.

3. "Three Strikes with the White Skeleton" story, this is my favorite story because it is really meaningful. The monkey learned to be smart with the evil demons. The master learned to trust his disciples and forgive their mistakes. The pig becomes a good character.

4. "Spider Cave" story because I really like the love story between the oldest spider girl and the centipede demon, also I really like Rain Lau's character, she plays spider En En, who is in love with Dicky.

5. Dicky and Rain Lau, not as couple this time because the monkey king does not love En En (too bad), but those two are really cute together.


Pity Factor

First of all, the two spider demons Rain Lau and the oldest spider girl.

Rain Lau because she is so in love with Dicky, she even died because of him, all she wants is to hear Dicky say "I love you" to her, but Dicky could not even say it! That will make you mad.

The oldest spider girl was such a pity factor, because she is in love with this man so bad, but they have to force to separate for 500 years! When they reunion, the man she loves becomes the centipede demon, he even tried to kill her to gain his own power! What a sad love story!


Second of all, in "Three Strikes with the White Skeleton" story, the master misunderstood Dicky. Yeah, I believe everyone knows this story at least. The master was really a fool in here, but the pig is even worse, because he just wants the monkey to go away at that time.



How Come Factor

The way the story ends, it is a little weird. Is it a dream they are having? If it is, how come they want to make the "women kingdom" story as their dream? I dont get it!




Dicky Cheung of course! I think he does his best in this series, his actions look just like the monkey, you know, the way he talks, walks, fights. He is really good at it!



1. The monkey king because the way he devoted to his master. He is the most skillful character, which also has lots of humanity inside. This character gets develop really well, thanks to Dicky


2. Spider girl En En (played by Rain Lau) because she is really cute in this story. You will like the way she loves Dicky, really funny, too. But, she got a bad ending


3. The pig sometimes, because he is funny. Especially about his thousand love affairs, you get to see some of those affairs, really funny!



The master and his three disciples. At the beginning, they just dont fit, because they don't like each other that much. After the "Three Strikes..." story, they learned more about each other and how to respect each other.


Dicky and Rain Lau even though they are not lovers in this series. But, as I said, they look really cute together.



Whenever you see Dicky alone, or with his master, or with pig and the sand monk.


Every time you see Dicky and Rain together


The pigs thousand life cycles' thousand love affairs





If I have to choose one, that will be the fire-boy, you know, Demon Bull's son. It is played by a female actor; she can not act at all! I mean, the way she produces her fire is strange.



Perhaps, the sand monk because he crys way too much!



Do not have one



Do not have one




This is a really cool series, I mean the TVB producers remade the stories really well. If you know "Journey to the West" story, you will like this series even more. Some of the sub-plots will be really familiar to you, but it will be also really different. Very interesting remake!




YES if you are a Dicky fan, I think this is his best work. If you just want to see a classic series, go rent this one as well, it's really good and interesting!



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