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An Awakening Story
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An Awakening Story (25 Episodes)
[viet name: Sau Co Me]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Lisa Wong, Damien Lau, Louisa So, Maggie Cheung, Joe Ma, Patrick Tang, Yang Yi


Who, What, When & Where


The Song family:

Damien Lau, Lisa Wong

Maggie (oldest daughter)

Patrick (second oldest, only son of Damien)

Yang Yi (youngest daughter)


In 1985, Lisa was hit by a taxi, and she went through coma for 16 years. In these years, her family always waits for her to awake. Especially Maggie, she works really hard to support the whole family. After Lisa wakes, she has to face lots of struggles, even found out her husband only loves Susan (played by Louisa) and her children begin to have their own lives. After many ups and downs, the entire family learned lots of things from Lisa as well as the people around them.


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Hate Factor

Do not have any hate factors in this series; however I have some "Do not Like" factors.


First of all, Damien Lau's character because the way he only thinks about himself, he only thinks about his pride, and always thinks Lisa embarrasses him. Also, the way he treats his children is really bad, he does not support Patrick's dream (be a professional hair dresser) and his daughter Yang Yi's early marriage.


Second, Susan (played by Louisa), for some reason, I just do not like her, maybe because she destroyed Lisa's family, and she only cares about her work.


Sometimes Maggie's character, because she is just like her dad sometimes, very selfish, she only thinks things from her point of view. Especially when her parents got divorced, she could not accept the truth and left home, very irresponsible. Well, I understand she works really hard to support the family for Lisa, but only found out Lisa wants to divorce. Such a pity she has to face all that, but how can she left home just like that, she even ignores Lisa, who is the real victim. I really think she can handle the fact much better... She gets better and better towards the end, thanks to her lover Joe Ma.



Love Factor

Patrick, he is really cute, I just don't like his hair, other than that, I really love his character.


Joe Ma is really good here, he plays a doctor who falls in love with Maggie and helps her to find herself back.


Most important of all, Lisa Wong, you will see how she develops from the fist moment she wakes up until the end. She went through lots of difficulties, but she always has a way to face those. She has a very strong personality.


Pity Factor

Damien perhaps, because of his personality, he only cares about his job and cares less about his family, that causes his relationship with his children really bad, it also causes his divorce. Later, he married the woman he loved the most, Susan, only found out himself have changed from a business man to a family man. He realized Susan is the working type and she did not change, but he changed his life style and getting close to his family and ex-wife. Of course, he separate with Susan, and we never know if he goes back to Lisa or not, we hope he does...


How Come Factor

Don't have one, everything makes perfect sense to me.





Patrick, I don't know why, I just think he is really cute, being the only son of Damien; he was pushed by his father a lot. His father only wants Patrick to be a business man, but Patrick only likes to be hair dresser. He was afraid to tell his father the truth and be a hair dresser until Ping Ping (his girlfriend) helped him.



Lisa Wong, amazing performance here, you can tell how stupid she was in the beginning, because she does not understand anything. Towards the end, she gets smarter and smarter; she also helps the entire family to face their struggles.



Maggie and Joe, because those two went through a lot together, Joe helps Maggie to be herself again, he also changes Maggie's point of view towards many things. They are really cute and funny together!



Every time you see the main characters facing their struggles, and try to find a way to fix their problems.


When Joe asks Maggie to marry him, its really sweet.


Joe and Maggie's wedding, Maggie says thank you to Joe and her mom.





Do not have one



Susan and Damien as I explained above



Damien and Susan, because those two does not fit together well, they are in love because they both enjoy what they do. After Damien realized he cares about his family more, those two begin to have troubles because Susan only cares about her career.



Do not have one




Excellent series! Two Thumbs Up! Way Up! It is a very emotional series as well, but a very good drama; you will learn lots of life lessons from here!




YES, because it is really good! If you are a Joe Ma or Maggie Cheung fan, you will love it a lot. For all Lisa fans out there, this is a must see, because I think she did a really awesome job!



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