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Whatever It Takes
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Whatever It Takes (20 Episodes)
[viet name: THIEN TU TAM LONG]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Benny Chan, Annie Man, Mark Bao, Yang Yi


What, When & Where

Annie Man is a fairy from Heaven; her mission was to protect the dragon ball, which is supposed to protect the Tang Dynasty. By mistake, she failed the mission and got stuck in the ball, this let Wu Ze Tian become the first female emperor, after she took control of the government; she killed lots of her enemies including her family members. Her grandson (Benny) was forced to separate from his mother and was adopted by a poor family. Twenty years later, Benny grew up as a very kind man. But, his brother Mark Bao is really greedy; he always makes troubles and asks Benny to cover up. The two falls in love with the most beautiful girl in town Yang Yi and Yang Yi likes Benny. Benny gives the chance to Mark Bao, meanwhile, Benny saved Annie from the dragon ball, and Annie needs to continue her mission by finding the Prince. With Benny's help, Annie is getting closer and closer to find the Prince, by this time; Mark Bao realized Annie is a god, so he and his mother made Annie believe he is the Prince she is looking for


Series links

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2. Here is a really good Benny site, you can download lots of clips from Whatever It Takes.




Hate Factor

Mark Bao, the fact that he is so greedy, he always makes stupid mistakes and tells Benny to cover up. Mark always says that he and his mother adopted Benny when he was a baby, otherwise Benny will die. Mark uses that excuse all the time to ask Benny to do something for him. Poor Benny


The actress plays Emperor Wu; her acting skills are not that good.


The evil demon of course, this demon wants to destroy the Tang Dynasty, and he looks really ugly, too!


When Benny did not trust Annie, I mean, after all the things Annie has done for Benny, he still does not trust her, and he even thought she became an evil demon! What a jerk! He almost killed her! Well, anyway, thats about the only time you will hate Benny's character. The good thing is that he realized Annie was wrong, and he felt horrible for what he did to her.


Love Factor

Benny is really good here; he plays a very kind young man, who is the real Prince of Tang. You will love his character because he is really smart and nice.


Yang Yi, she is pretty. You will love the fact that she loves Benny so much and she is willing to do anything for him.


Annie Man is another love factor, she is really cute, funny, and looks really pretty in that ancient outfit. (In fact, I really like the outfits in this series, especially Benny's outfit)


Pity Factor

Yang Yi, she loves Benny so much, but she got a really bad ending. Benny did not love her the most, he loves Annie more.


How Come Factor

The fact that Emperor Wu looks way too young! TVB has some problems with make up, how can an 80-year old emperor looks like 40 years old? Remember Dragon love, the woman who plays Benny's mother is emperor Wu in this series as Benny's grandmother, but how come she does not have any white hair? Ok, I think you got my point here.


Home come TVB always made up crap endings? Basically, Annie and Benny ending up together, but she is not a fairy anymore, she becomes the famous Lady Yang. You know, the woman who is responsible of destroying the Tang Dynasty. Also, what about Yang Yi? Is Benny ever going to remember her?





Benny Chan, his performance gets better and better. I do not know why, I just love him really much.



Benny's character, he is really smart and cute.



Benny and Annie, you don't get to see them together as lover until very end. They look so cute together; I wish I can see them more often.



Every time you see Benny and Annie together, or you see Benny alone.


Most of the time you see Mark and Benny together, especially towards the end, Mark becomes really faithful and respectful to Benny.


When Annie helps Benny go back time and finds his parents, this scene is really funny. Annie sent Benny too many different places, Benny got to see himself in different time period, but he still did not get to see his parents.


When Benny begs the emperor to forgive Mark, Benny admits it was his fault to allow his brother make one mistake after another. After this event, Mark realized his fault; he redeems himself and become faithful to Benny.





Perhaps the actress who plays Emperor Wu, she laughs weird, I have to admit.



Mark Bao in the beginning, especially when he becomes the fake Prince, he becomes so cruel, he even wants to kill Benny. But, he redeems himself towards the end.


Yang Yi's father, he is the man who only cares about money and power, he did not care anything about his daughter, and he just wants her to marry to a powerful man regardless she likes it or not.



Mark and Yang Yi, they just do not fit, plus Yang Yi never loves Mark.







This is a really interesting series; it is also really funny sometimes. There are so many interesting things happen in the story, which makes you want to watch it so fast. (I finish this series in only two days!)


Benny looks so cute in this series, he plays an awesome character, and you will love him very much!




Yes, you will like this series because it is really interesting and funny. If you are a Benny or Annie fan, you can not miss this series.



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