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Secret of the Heart
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Secret of the Heart (62 Episodes)

[viet name: Thien Dia Hao Tinh]

* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Sunny Chan, Amy Kwok, Felix Wong, Nick Cheung, Ada Choi, Gallen Lo, Kathy Chow, Jessica Hsuan, Chun Pei


What, When & Where

This story is about how the main characters struggle with their lives, how they face money and family issues.


Series links

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Hate Factor

Nick Cheung's character Kelvin, you will like this character in the beginning, because he was a god guy. Later on, he found out that he is not Chun Pei's son (Chun Pei is a very rich man), Kelvin felt rejected by his family. His best friend (also a half brother) Sunny is the real son of Chun Pei, Kelvin felt that Sunny got everything Kelvin suppose to own. Kelvin started to change and made lots of mistakes (kidnapped Sunny and stealed Chun Pei's money). Slowly towards the end, he becomes worse and worse. You will start to hate him because he killed his lover Ada Choi.


Love Factor

Diana, who is played by Ada, she was not a nice girl at the beginning until she meets Sunny. Sunny falling in love with her from the first moment he saw her. Later on, Ada and Kelvin begin to date, but Kelvin left her. Ada then had other relationships, tough ones. At the end, she realized she loves Sunny the most, but Kelvin wants Sunny dead, Diana sacrificed her life to save Sunny!


Nick Cheung for his amazing performance, you get to see big changes of him from the beginning to the end.


Felix Wong's character, he is a man with principles, but you will hate him for what he did to Gallen. Oh, well, he is a nice man overall.


Pity Factor

Kelvin of course, because he was such a loving character, due to the fact that he is not the rich man's son, he changes himself.


Diana, the way she loves Sunny and willing to die for him.


Apple for the way she loves Gallen so much, but she was dieing from cancer. Apple broke up with Gallen because she did not want Gallen to feel bad for her!


Kathy Chow, she loves Felix very much, but only found out that Felix only loves her sister Amy. Felix broke up with Kathy before she wants to tell Felix that she was pregnant with Felix's child. Later on, her family found out, but could not forgive her for that. The sad thing is that Kathy and her son died in the car accident right before Amy wants to forgive her.


How Come Factor

Home come TVB gave Kelvin such a bad ending? Yes, he died, but in a very stupid way. Kelvin was hit by something, and was in coma for two years. Right after he wakes, he dies, how stupid! I mean, the villains in the drama story suppose have a dramatic ending, such as Louis Koo in ATE 2, his death is so much better than Kelvin's death.





Nick Cheung, he performs really well in this series. Before I saw this series, I always think Nick is a comedian, but this series also proves that he can act in the drama series, even being a villain.



Ada's Diana, she also changed a lot throughout the story, and she has so many different relationships. Each one of them is pretty good, especially with Sunny.



My favorite is Ada and Sunny, even though they only have a very short relationship.



When Sunny went to Kelvin's room and saw the whole room cover with Diana's blood.


Also, when Kelvin realized his mother is also Sunny's mother.





Sunny's mother, because she can not act at all!



Amy Kwok perhaps, I don't know why Gallen and Felix are both crazy about her.



Jessica and Sunny, those two just can not fit together.



Kelvin's ending as I explained above.




Excellent series! I just did not like the way Kelvin died, and how the series end, other than that, the story and the casts (other than Sunny's mother) are really good, especially Nick Cheung.




If you like drama, you should rent this one. This series is my second favorite drama of all time (first is Burning Flame). There are lots of wonderful casts in this story, if you are a fan of Ada and Nick, you HAVE to watch it! Those two performs really well!



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