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Last Breakthrough
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The Last Breakthrough (30 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Nick Cheung, Raymond Lam, Sonija Kwok, Leila Tong, Bosco Wong, Andrew Lin, Sharon Chan

Guest Appearances:
Gigi Leung, Candy Lou, Kenneth Ma

What, when, where and who
The story talks about a number of doctors, who use their heart to help and educate many patients. Nick Cheung was a heart branch doctor, who was very talented. After he lost his girlfriend (Gigi Leung), Nick went through many downside of his life. Later, he learned the real meaning of a good doctor, and he becomes the doctor of gynecology and obstetrics. Nick uses his heart to help all his patients, because he believes a doctor can heal diseases and also heal people. Nick also joins "Life Force", which helps the poor countries and provide medical needs. Leila Tong is Gigi's younger sister, who also joins Life Force to help poor people.

In Life Force, Leila meets Raymond, who is a heart branch doctor. The two worked together to help the poor people, and Raymond found himself in love with Leila. Meanwhile, Nick meets Sonija, who is a nurse. Because of Nick's lost love, he was refuse to accept any new relationship, this makes both Nick and Sonija very painful.

All the doctors and nurses are trying their best to heal one patient after another while their own lives are also facing many great challenges...

Series Links
Story summary and episode guide (Chinese)


- Dislike Factor
Sonija Kwok
I really can not find a way to like Sonija, sorry! No matter she is playing good or evil character, I still dislike her. Now, I prefer she acts evil characters, so that I will feel better disliking her. Sonija was the one destroys the chemistry with Nick Cheung. I even like Nick and Gigi's chemistry more, consider the fact that Gigi only appears for about 10 minutes of the show, and this is the first time Gigi is acting in a TV series. Gigi and Nick only had little time together, but I was loving their chemistry. Sonija got lots of chance to be with Nick, in fact, she has the entire 30-episodes, however, I can not find the chemistry between Nick and Sonija interesting... Truly, we need to blame on Sonija. I dislike the way she talks, dislike the way she cries, dislike the way she laughs, I don't know why the producer has to choose her to pair with Nick.

The Story
If you want to compare this series to "Healing Hands", you better don't, because you will be disappointed. Last Breakthrough has nothing to compare to Healing Hands, in another word, the story-line wasn't nearly as good. The reasons are: (1) way too predictable, you can tell what is going to happen because it is too obvious! (2) stupid ending, I prefer Raymond dying! Don't you think he heals way too fast? Same to Sonija, why does the producer has to make every casts sick? (3) sometimes, you will feel that the story jumps from one to another, you will also feel like missing something...


- Love Factor
Nick Cheung
Nick was the only reason makes me want to watch this series, and he is also the only reason I finished watching this series. Without Nick, this series will be super boring. Nick was the one brings the series alive and brings the character alive. In the series, we called him the "Grass-Dragon Doctor". Yes, it sounds strange, but all that means is that Nick heals people with his heart, he helps the patients, give them chances to heal, give them hopes to become a better person. Such a wonderful doctor like that is so hard to see. Other than loving Nick's character, I am also in love with Nick's performances. He did a great job in this series! I am hoping Nick can do more TVB series, just don't pair him with Sonija again, please!

Raymond Lam and Leila Tong's chemistry
I was so surprised to see this chemistry working out good, not only good, it was excellent. Raymond and Leila look so cute together! At the beginning, only Raymond loves Leila, Leila slowly begin to like him, but she gave up because Sharon Chan is also in loved with Raymond. They went through so many things to finally be together, many difficult things, including facing Raymond's cancer. It was a very emotional period of time when Raymond is going through many treatments. Without Leila, Raymond wasn't going to make it. Two thumbs up to this chemistry!

The emotional parts
There are many emotional parts in this story, which supports the story very well. Some of the scenes will bring you to tears. For example, when Leila found out about Raymond's cancer, she cried to Nick and Sonija and says she wants to go back to Hong Kong to see Raymond. Gosh, Leila can truly cry, far more better than Sonija. Another example, Nick was begging Sonija to give up the baby, that scene cost me too much tears.

The themesong - woo! Raymond sings the best for this song! I totally loved it!


- How Come Factor
The Ending
I still don't see the point of Raymond leaving Leila for a year. Why did he do that? What's the big deal? Also, what is up with Sonija's comma, she just wakes too suddenly. I understand a happy ending will make most people happy, but sometimes a sad ending will last forever. I just think Raymond heals too fast, I really prefer him to die...


- The Performances
Let's talk about the main casts first. Nick, Raymond and Leila did really good jobs, only Sonija was the disliking factor. I will like to give the Best Actor award to Nick and the Best actress award to Leila. I think Leila improved so much in this series, especially improved in crying scenes, her crying scenes were so emotional! For supporting casts, Bosco Wong was so great! I really begin to like him more and more now. Also Andrew Lin, he is a cute guy, it is a pity that he only appeared in 19 episodes. To Sharon Chan, she really needs to work on her crying skills, she is pretty bad at it, but other than that, she is pretty good. I will like to see her improvements later.

- The Storyline
As I said, don't compare it to Healing Hands, but you can compare with Healing Hands II, Last Breakthrough is a little better than that one.

- Worth Watching?
For all Nick fans, you should watch it. To Raymond and Leila fans, you will love their chemistry together the most.



Last Breakthrough
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