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Split Second
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Split Second (30 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Alex Fong, Patrick Tam, Kevin Cheung, Yoyo Mung, Marco Ngai, Chatchai Plengpanich (Sam), Sririta Jensen (Rita)

What, when, where and who
The entire series set the time in the month of April, 2004. On the first day of April, a rumor emerges that Hong Kong's most influential triad orgainzation is planning to assassinate the new Commissioner of Police, who will take charge in 30 days. Three individual members of the police force: Alex Fong, Kevin Cheung and Patrick Tam - have all become involved with this event.

Marco Ngai plays the head of the triad organization, who team up with the Thai gangster Sam (played by Chatchai). Thai policewoman Rita (played by Sririta) is also appointed to investigate the case.

The entire story focus on the undercover, both in the police force and in the triad organization. It is almost like the movie "Infernal Affairs", but in the tv version.

It is very clear at the beginning that who is the good guy, who is the bad guy. But, as the series goes along, some of the good guys change to bad, and some of the bad guys are not even the bad ones. What is black, what is white? Is gray exist?


Series Links
Story summary and episode guide (Chinese)


- Dislike Factor
Dragging Story
Before I begin to watch the series, I was expecting lots of excitements in the show, however, the story was a disappointment. It's almost feel like a 3 hour movie that got extended to 30 hours, so you see, how dragging this is! Other than dragging, I also wanted to stop watching the series so many times. The first time I wanted to stop watching is after episode 13, when Alex's daughter died. She died in the MOST unreasonable way you will ever expect! I was so mad that the producer wanted to kill Alex's daughter! The second time I wanted to stop is when Yoyo kept saying she is responsible for Alex's daughter's death. Of course, she is, but say once is enough, why keeps repeating?! The third time I tried to give up is when Yoyo goes to Thai to find Alex, that part took too long to finish, from then, I promise I will fast-forward all the Yoyo-Alex parts of the series!

Alex Fong
I didn't like this character since the beginning, and I begin to HATE this character after his daughter died. Alex has become more and more unreasonable as the series goes along. I don't know when I start to realize that Alex is turing insane, but I was sure he will do lots of things crazy. Because of this, I hate this character even more! You will hate Alex to the bone when he shot Sam and Patrick... This character is totally insane!

Yoyo Mung
Blame Yoyo for everything that happen to Alex, if it wasn't because of her, Alex will not become the man that you will hate. From the beginning, Yoyo should know that she can't be with Alex, but she can't stop seeing him, as a result, everything turns into a tragic. In addition, I found Yoyo and Alex's relationship very boring, their love story just keeps dragging and dragging. It makes me feel tired for watching them two.


- Love Factor
I know I said above that I wanted to stop watching so many times throughout the series, so what kept me going through the whole series? Well, the following love factors are the only reasons I finish the entire series. So, I have to thank these love factors, otherwise, I can't even write this review... It is an unfortunate that ALL my love factors died in the series... so sad...
(casting by Chatchai Plengpanich)
The guy plays Sam is a Thai actor, and I can tell you I am impressed by his performances. At the beginning, you will think that he is the bad guy, but after a while, you will know Sam is an undercover. I think Sam plays a better undercover than Patrick. At the other hand, Sam is the bad guy's god-son. Sam treats him as a real father, but Sam is also an undercover... as a police, Sam has to against his father, but as a son, Sam respects his father the most... It is too sad that he has to die!

Marco Ngai
Marco is really good at being a gangster. He is the bad guy that you won't hate. I think Marco is the one performs the best in this series, there is one scene when Marco heard that his father was "dead", Marco becomes so mad, it was a good performance.

"Panda Bear"
He is a typical gangster, who has the greatest courage. At the beginning, you might not notice him, because he is a such small factor of the show, but as the series goes along, you will like him more and more. The first time you might begin to notice him is when he asks his boss to save Patrick. Then, when he accidentally killed one of his boss to protect Patrick, you will begin to love this character. Panda is the guy who cares the most about his friends, he believes Patrick is not the undercover, so he is willing to do anything to protect Patrick... Later when Panda knows Patrick is the undercover, he was so mad, he keeps yells at Patrick: "am I your boss?" and asks him to become a real triad member instead. Then you will found out Panda always in love with Patrick's girlfriend (Wing), but he knows she only loves Patrick. From that moment, I can't stop feeling pity for Panda. Finally, Panda died because he wants to save Patrick and brings Patrick back to Wing, poor Panda, he doesn't even know anything, but he is always there to support Patrick. At the end, all Panda wanted is to let Patrick and Wing together... His death is the most tragic death of the series...

The friendship between Patrick and Panda
Whenever Patrick is in trouble, Panda is always there to rescue him. This is also why the triad organization abandons Panda when they found out that Patrick is an undercover agent. Then, Patrick was willing to do anything to get the triad organization to accept Panda again, including risking Patrick's own life... After that, Panda is helping Patrick to give up his addiction to drugs, that was a good part...


- How Come Factor
After Split Second
Question one: when did Alex went crazy? Did Yoyo really went crazy? Or, only Alex imaging that Yoyo is insane? There will be a while you are thinking Yoyo is crazy, but in episode 30, you will know what is real...
Question two: after Sam got shot by Alex, why didn't Sam goes to the hospital? If he did, he doesn't have to die! Sam was bleed to death! I can understand that Sam wants to buy flowers to the girl he loves, but that doesn't mean that he can risk life to do so! Why didn't he goes to the hospital instead? I don't get it!!!! Sam's death makes me so mad!
Question three: same as question two, why didn't Patrick goes to the hospital after he got shot? So stupid!
Question four: If Yoyo wasn't crazy, then she didn't shot Marco. If that is the case, I am assuming that Marco is only shot by Alex, right? What happen to Yoyo at the end?
Question five: what happens in May 1st?


- The Performances
Forget about the main casts, because none of them did a good job. Alex is not good at being crazy, Patrick is not so great as an undercover. Kevin's character is a little unreasonable. Let's talk about the supporting casts, because they were the ones worth mention. First of all, I will like to give the best actor award to Marco, his character is not that hateful after all. Marco's performances were great in this show, especially when he acts mad. Sam (cast by Chatchai) was also great, I can see that Thai actors also have lots of talent, compare to Patrick, I like Sam much better... As for the female casts, I don't even want to mention them, because they really didn't make any major impact to the series after all. Especially Yoyo, I hate her character so much, and now I began to dislike her, sorry.

- The Storyline
I think I want to re-name this series, it should not be called "split second", it should be called "waste second". The story is dragging, dragging and dragging. It also copied lots things from the movie PTU and Infernal Affairs. I don't want to blame the producer for copying, but if you want to copy, copy it good. Why destroys the story-line? The more I watch the series, the less interesting I found...

- Worth Watching?
Basically, I don't want you to waste your time to watch series. But, I don't want to force you not to watch, because you might able to find some love factors you will enjoy, just like what I did.



Split Second
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