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Romance in Paris

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Romance in Paris (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Park Shin Yang, Kim Jung Eun, Lee Dong Gun

What, when, where and who
This story is about how a "sparrow changes into the phoenix", it's about how a poor girl met and falling love with a rich guy. If you are thinking this is just a typical romantic series, you are wrong. This series was so great that you can learn so many things from it. "Lovers in Paris" was the big hit in Korea, it also broke lots of air-rating records. The story between one poor girl and a rich family becomes the most popular story in Korea. Because of that, I watched the series, and it was one of the greatest Korean drama I ever seen so far!

Kim Jung Eun plays a typical girl, who is very poor, at the beginning of the show, she studies in Paris, and doing part-time job as a house keeper. This is how she met Park Shin Yang, who is a very rich car-salesman, he hired Kim Jung Eun as his house keeper. Park Shin Yang is really rich, but he doesn't know how to love a woman until he met Kim Jung Eun, who is a really special and interesting woman. Meanwhile, Park Shin Yang's nephew Lee Dong Gun also falls in love with Kim. You will learn later in the story about Park and Lee's true relationship, they are not uncle and nephew, they are two brothers. Lee was so crazy about Kim, but when he learned the fact that Park and Kim are in love with each other, Lee felt so depressed. Plus, after he learned that Park is his brother, Lee becomes very jealous, and he wants to destroy everything Park owns...

Series Links
Story summary and episode guide (Korean)



- Dislike Factor
The supporting actress
There are lots things common in a Korean romantic series, that is: the supporting actresses are evil, and he fights very hard to get marry to the main actor. In this series, it is also the same, and of course, you have no choice other than hating the supporting actress.

Park Shin Yang's sister (mother)
I don't like her facial expressions, it seems like she doesn't act in any kind of emotions. Her face is the same when she is mad or happy. Plus, I don't like the way she treats Kim, she treats Kim very badly just because the fact that two of her sons are both madly in love with Kim.


- Love Factor
Park Shin Yang
This is the guy every girls dream to marry! Park Shin Yang's character is unique, special, rich, and he is very handsome! Some of you might think that he is not cute. Well, yes, I agree. But being cute doesn't means the guy is great. You have to see the character of the guy. Park Shin Yang is extremely charming, the way he falls in love with Kim, and the way he protects her just makes every girl goes crazy for him. He is very man! Not only the fact I am in love with his character, I also began to notice Park Shin Yang himself. He is a great actor, his performances in this series are excellent! I love the way he yells at people, I love the way he is being romantic, I love the way he sings, he cries. I love his smiles, and the charming dimple ~.~

Park and Kim
Other than Park Shin Yang, I also like Kim's character very much, because she is a very interesting character, interesting enough to let two men falling in love with her. Park and Kim's chemistry is so great, they are really the perfect couple. They are both unique, and perfect for each other.

Lee Dung Gun
Well, you might hate him towards the end, because he is trying to destroy everything Park owns. However, you will also pity for Lee, because of his love towards Kim. Lee's love is no much less than Park's love towards Kim. However, Lee will not get any results back, it is a pity. You will felt heart-broke as Lee is suffering. The way he cries will make you sad. The good thing is, Lee didn't turn into a evil person, he did regret for what he did to his brother. I also like the performances from Lee, he is also a great actor.


- Pity Factor
Lee Dung Gun
His mother doesn't love him because she doesn't love Lee's father. His only love doesn't love him back, because she is in love with his uncle (brother). His only uncle (brother) is the only person he respects, but they became enemy. I really feel pity for Lee Dung Gun's character, watching all the things he suffered just makes me heart-breaking.


- How Come Factor
The Family Stuff
Ok, as you will learn in episode 14 or 15 that Lee and Park are two brothers. They share the same mother, different fathers. The story is this: the mother falls in love with a guy, and they had Park as the son. But, the grandfather doesn't like the father, so he forced the mother to marry to someone else, who she doesn't love at all. Then, Lee was born. This explains why the mother loves Park more than Lee. But, why does the grandfather accepts Park as the son, if the grandfather really hates Park's father, he should choose Lee to be the son, not Park. I don't get this part...

- Best Scenes
There are way too many scenes are excellent in this series. In Korean, the population chose 10 best scenes, which also happen to be my favorites. So, let's count them down
10. Park Shin Yang's Dimple: When both Park and Kim are in the car after they got engaged. Kim was telling Park that she loves Park's dimple. Kim asks Park to smile and show his dimple. Kim also uses her fingers to open Park's mouth, it was so funny.
09. The Swimming Poll: When Park fires Kim, his excuse was: I don't like you to be around me. Of course, that was a lie, and Kim knows it. So, Kim told Park she doesn't know how to swim, and then jumps into the swimming poll. Park jumps in to save her, but she swims back to the edge. Park yells at her why she does such thing, Kim told him that she lied because she felt Park also lied. That scene was very unique.
08. Park Shin Yang's Tears: His character is very strong, but when his heart got hurt, he can also cry. I must say Park's tears are the most amazing tears I ever seen. Not only you can feel his pain, you can also feel his tears! I loved the part when he told his sister (mother) about how heart-broke he was. He says,"in business, I have faith to do anything and solve any problems. But, for love, I don't know what to do. I am so tired, sister, my heart hurts so bad..." Also, I loved the part when he says good-bye to Kim in the airport.
07. The Famous Kiss Scene: Before the kiss scene, Park's friend was making fun of Kim, and Park beats the friend. Park then takes Kim away, he yells at her and asks her why she didn't stop Park's friend for making fun of her. Kim says she doesn't want Park to look bad. Then, the two kissed, because they know they are concerning about each other so much... It was a very very long kiss scene, but so sweet!
06. "The One Shots the Gun is Me": I loved this line so much, it is great for business pleasures. Whenever you find someone betrays you in the business world, you can use this line: "To shot the gun, you need to use the right hand, the left hand only uses for support. The one shots the gun is me, I am the right hand. I only will shot one warning shot, after that, the bullet gets real."
05. Park Shin Yang's Song - "Can I Love You?": It is so great to hear Park Shin Yang sang in this series, he got a great voice! I love this song as well. The way he sings it to Kim is just so sweet. This song will makes every girl go crazy! So, to the guys, I think you should learn to sing if you want your girl goes crazy, hehe.
04. The Ice Hockey Scene: This is the time when two men are revealing feelings about starting a war. Both Lee and Park were not willing to give up loving Kim. Lee said to Park, "you have too many things to worry about, but I am only concerning about Kim. I love Kim, so, please give up." Park says, "I am sorry, if I have to give up everything to choose one thing, I will choose Kim, and only Kim." Lee then says, "give up everything, including me?" Park says, "including you!"
03. "Call Me Obba": [Obba in Korean means brother, girls also call their boyfriend "obba"] When Park wants Kim to call him "obba", that scene was so funny. After Kim calls him "obba", Park laughed and said, "stop it!" But, Kim keeps calling him "obba", that scene was really cute.
02. "In Here, There Is You": this is dating lesson 101 - if a guy wants to tell a girl that he loves her, there is no other better ways then saying, "In here, there is you." The guy also needs to take the girl's hand, and makes her hand to reach the guy's heart. That shows, in the guy's heart, there is the girl, get it?
01. "Honey, Let's Go!": dating lesson 202 - if you haven't call your girlfriend or boyfriend "honey" yet, you better do so! I loved the part when Park calls Kim "honey", he calls her that even before they start to date. The scene when a guy is yelling at Kim, and Park takes Kim away from that guy, he said, "honey, let's go!" It was really cute. Later, when the two are dating, Park keeps saying, "honey, let's go", it is just too sweet


- The Performances
I loved all the performances from the main characters, especially Park Shin Yang, he is so great. He is good at being cute and being mean. He deserves the best actor award ~.~

- The Storyline
I love the story very much, because there are so many great lines and scenes, which you will never forget. However, the ending was a little strange, but it is also unique, I guess that is the best way to end it.

- Worth Watching?
This is the must see Korean series. Even if you are not a Korean-series fan, you should give this series a try, you won't regret it.





Romance in Paris
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