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2003 & 2004 Review
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2003 & 2004: The Years in Review
* Reviewed by TVB Square

Here are the series I saw from 2003 and 2004 ~.~ The ones I didn't watch are the ones I don't plan to watch, because I don't find them too attractive.

Name: A Handful of Love
Starring: Jessica Hsuan, Joe Ma, Don Li
A new married couple suddently got 5 kids need to take care. This is a typical family story, yet very educational 
Thumbs Up: I like the 5 kids a lot, especially Don Li, he is very talented
Thumbs Down: Why does Jessica has to pair up with Joe Ma? This two don't match at all!

Name: Angels of Mission
Starring: Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Patrick Tam
This is the Hong Kong version of "Charlie's Angels", which has a very interesting story-line, but a stupid love triangle
Thumbs Up: I love all the crimes, and the angels fight against the crimes. I also like Stephen Au's role, even though his role is minor, but his chemistry with Charmaine is a plus
Thumbs Down: The ending sucks big time!!l! Patrick's character also sucks, why both Charmaine and Sonija like him? I have no idea!

Name: Armed Reaction IV
Starring: Bobby Au Yeung, Ada Choi, Marco Ngai, Joyce Tang, Yoyo Mung, Frankie Lam
I think this is the worst of all the Armed Reaction series, no wonder why the air ratings are so low, and the producer got fired. Got the picture?
Thumbs Up: Joyce and Marco's performances are the only highlights of the show. If you have to watch the series, watch this couple act will be the best compensation
Thumbs Down: The story-line drags from the beginning to the end

Name: Better Halves
Starring: Steven Ma, Maggie Cheung, Moses Chan, Joyce Choi, Cerina De Graca, Auguste Kwan
One of the best ancient comedy of the year. I especially love Steven and Maggie as a couple
Thumbs Up: Steven is actually really good at comedy roles, I love the way he waves the fan
Thumbs Down: Cerina, she is new and she doesn't know how to act yet

Name: Blade Heart 
Starring: Adam Cheung, Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung, Lisa Wong
This show got a very very low air rating, I can understand why, because it really drags big time!
Thumbs Up: Raymond and Shirley, I think those two have good chemistry, it is sad that they can not be together
Thumbs Down: Dragging, dragging and dragging, these are the 3 words best describe this series. Also, the girl play Sima PingTing, she is really really evil

Name: Dream of Colours
Starring: Myolie Wu, Kwan Ho Tes, Sharon Can, Rain Lee, Melissa Ng
This is about a group of fashion designers who work very hard to achieve what they want
Thumbs Up: This show has the best fashion ever! Especially for Myolie, her character is also really cute.
Thumbs Down: I don't like Sharon, her character is so mean. I also don't like Myolie and Kwan Ho Tes as lovers, they are better as teacher and student

Name: Fate Twisters
Starring: Lawrenence Ng, Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Eddie Kwan
This is the series you will most likely to forget. If you ask me what is the basic story-line of the series, my brain will go blank
Thumbs Up: You will be very satisfied to see the evil Gigi, the kind Lawrenence
Thumbs Down: After many years, Eddie's performances wasn't the same anymore, in fact, his performances are little disappointing

Name: Find the Light
Starring: Ron Ng, Shirley Yeung, Damian Lau, Maggie Siu, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong
This is a series you might ignore, however if you do, you will regret it very much. Because this is not an average kind of show, it has very good story. For a Kung-fu fan, you will actually enjoy it
Thumbs Up: This show has lots of new stars, for Ron and Bosco, they had a great show. I enjoyed the story very much, Ron and Shirley also have great chemistry together
Thumbs Down: I can't think of any thumb down factors

Name: Greed Mask
Starring: Roger Kwok, Christine Ng, Annie Man, Wayne Lai
This is the most satisifying series you will ever expect, from the beginning to the end, you will be attached to the series
Thumbs Up: Roger Kwok + Annie Man + the story, the entire story is base on one murder case and the many secrets behind the case. Annie and Roger's performances are the highlight of the show as well
Thumbs Down: Christine's crazy performances, she is good actress, but not good enough to act crazy

Name: Hard Fate
Starring: Damian Lau, Flora Chan, Kevin Cheung, Niki Chow, Stephen Au
This is the show you can not miss, because you will regret it if you didn't watch it. Not only it has a great story-line, the performances are also great 
Thumbs Up: Damian as the evil husband, father and business guy. Kevin and Niki's chemistry is also a great highlight of the show, it is sad that they are not end up together 
Thumbs Down: Flora's performances are only ok, plus, her outfits look ugly

Name: King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
Starring: Kong Wah, Maggie Cheung, Melissa Ng, Paul Chun, Gilbert Lam
If you like A Step into the Past, you will like to watch this series
Thumbs Up: The first half of the series is a great entertainment, you will laugh so hard when you watch it. Maggie is great in comedy roles, I love the part when she is singing, so funny
Thumbs Down: The second part of the series changes from comedy to boring drama. Not only it dragged very much, it also changed the story 180 degrees. Plus, the worst ending you will ever expect will show here

Name: Legend of Love
Starring: Deric Wan, Sonija Kwok, Leila Tong, Stephen Au
The famous fair-tale converts into this series, but the story changed competely, and it totally sucked
Thumbs Up: Watch this show for only Leila and Stephen, who are the supporting characters. They are even better than the main characters, their story is much interesting
Thumbs Down: Deric's performances and his relationship with Sonija, you will be disappointed

Name: Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
Starring: Raymond Lam, Michelle Yip, Rain Li, Mimo Lo
The story is about one guy with two girls, one is the "evil", one is the good. Raymond and Michelle had the greatest chemistry in this series!
Thumbs Up: Raymond and Michelle, from enemy to lovers, it is a pity they can not end up together
Thumbs Down: Raymond and Rain, this couple has zero chemistry!

Name: Net Deception
Starring: Wong He, Myolie Wu, Eddie Kwan, Woo Lok Yin, Tiffany Lam
If you are a Wong He fan, you can not miss this show, because he is so great! 
Thumbs Up: Wong He and Myolie, they are great as brother and sister. You will not forget both of their performances
Thumbs Down: Eddie Kwan still needs to improve his acting skills. Tiffany Lam is not very good, I don't like her chemistry with Wong He

Name: Perish in the Name of Love
Starring: Steven Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Moses Chan, Anne Heung, Marco Ngai
The story is base on the famous story in the Ming Dynasty, it is a great romantic series, but the ending destroys it all
Thumbs Up: The casts, especailly Moses Chan, he is really good at being crazy. Steven and Charmaine is also the highlights of the show
Thumbs Down: The evil Sonija, no matter how much you like her performances, you still will hate her to the bone

Name: Perish in the Name of Love
Starring: Steven Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Moses Chan, Anne Heung, Marco Ngai
The story is base on the famous story in the Ming Dynasty, it is a great romantic series, but the ending destroys it all
Thumbs Up: The casts, especailly Moses Chan, he is really good at being crazy. Steven and Charmaine is also the highlights of the show
Thumbs Down: The evil Sonija, no matter how much you like her performances, you still will hate her to the bone

Name: Placebo Cure
Starring: Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang, Kevin Cheung
This show is very refreshing to see, it is also really interesint
Thumbs Up: The individual pycho cases, they are interesting. I also like Sunny Chan's character a lot. He is a good actor, I am very happy to see him back to TVB
Thumbs Down: The story towards the ending, I don't like it

Name: Riches and Stitches
Starring: Moses Chan, Kong Wah, Anne Heung, Gigi Lai
This is an emotional story about a typical tailor. The story mainly focus on complicated love stories
Thumbs Up: Gigi Lai and Kong Wah's characters, because they both love the people they are not suppose to love
Thumbs Down: Moses and Anne's chemistry, very dragging

Name: Seed of Hope 
Starring: Patrick Tam, Kenix Kwok, Anne Heung, Wayne Lai
A group of children were taking cared by both of the main characters, this show is very educational. It also has some business issues, which is really interesting
Thumbs Up: Patrick Tam, he borns in the rich family, but he also learns how to be a very caring person. I also like the story very much, especially towards the end when some business is involved with the show
Thumbs Down: I don't like Anne Heung's acting in this series

Name: Square Pegs 
Starring: Roger Kwok, Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Choi, Leila Tong
The best comedy of the years, and the best performances from Roger Kwok. This is the series you will never forget
Thumbs Up: Roger and Jessica's chemistry is the best. The story is also very funny
Thumbs Down: Winne Yeung is not good at acting at all, I don't know why the producer chooses her to act in the show. Also, the ending sucks more than anything
Name: Summer Heat
Starring: Joyce Tang, Joe Ma
Thumbs Up: I already forget most of the story, so I can't think of anything
Thumbs Down: The entire story is not very interesting, the main character just keeps investigating everyone in the island without too much of a reason. At the end, no one killed the father, because he is not dead!
Name: Survivor's Law 
Starring: Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Sammual Chan, Bernice Lau
Thumbs Up: Raymond Lam as the lawyer, I think he fits that role the best. I like the story as well
Thumbs Down: Other than Myolie's hair, I can't think of any other factors
Name: To Catch the Uncatchable 
Starring: Doyo Wong, Ada Choi, Marco Ngai, Michael Tong
This is a very funny detective show, no one should miss this series if you are a true TVB fan
Thumbs Up: Doyo and Ada, those two will keep you laughing from the beginning to the end. I also like Marco, his character is also fun to watch
Thumbs Down: The ending! Why all the good series ends badly?
Name: To Get Unstuck in Time
Starring: Roger Kwok, Flora Chan, Patrick Tang, Sheung Tin Ngor
You can consider this story as two different ones, this will make you feel much better.
Thumbs Up: The first part of the show is excellent, it is interesting, special and refreshing. Roger is excellent!
Thumbs Down: The second part doesn't make too much sense, and Flora's performances were bad. Please don't make her to play bad character!
Name: Triumph in the Skies 
Starring: Francis Ng, Flora Chan, Myolie Wu, Joe Ma, Ron Ng
The story is very refreshing, which talks about a group of pilots. Their career and love stories
Thumbs Up: Francis did a great job in the show, watching him perform is a great! This series is also my favorite one among the 2003 and 2004 series! I really enjoyed Francis and Myolie's relationship together. I also enjoyed watching Francis and Ron together, they are great brothers ~.~
Thumbs Down: Francis' father is not that much older than him...
Name: Twin of Brothers
Starring: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Li Qian, Leila Tong, Nancy Wu
Thumbs Up: Because of this show, I became a big fan of Ron and Nancy, those two are really great! Raymond also did great job in the series, he and Li Qian have great chemistry together
Thumbs Down: The show sometimes drags, I also don't like Tavia and Raymond together, sorry...
Name: Up and Down in the Sea of Love 
Starring: Nick Cheung, Maggie Cheung, Stephen Au
Thumbs Up: This is a typical romantic story, but also has its interesting parts
Thumbs Down: This is also easy to forget series
Name: Vigilante Force 
Starring: Bowie Lam, Kenix Kwok, Joe Ma, Benny Chan
Thumbs Up: Police story, I love the part when Benny acts as a undercover, he is so cute ~.~
Thumbs Down: I still don't like Joe Ma
Name: War and Beauty
Starring: Maggie Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Jade Leung
Thumbs Up: I love Bowie, I love Sheren, I love Charmaine, and I love Jade. These 4 are my favorite characters in the show, and I will never forget them
Thumbs Down: Moses and Maggie's chemistry is extrememly boring!