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Full House
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Full House (16 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Song Hye Kyo(Han Ji-eun), Rain(Lee Young-jae), Han Eun Jung, Kim Sung Soo

What, when, where and who
This story is base on a Korean comic book. The story talks about a typical writer of romantic novels (Song Hye Kyo) and her house, which was build by her father. The name of the house is Full House. Song Hye Kyo loves the house very much, however, because of her friends' betrayal, she lost the house. Rain plays a very famous movie star, who happened to buy the house from Song Hye Kyo's friends. Hye Kyo didn't want to leave the Full House, so she was willing to be Rain's servant, and cleans the house for him. Rain and Hye Kyo always have disagreements, they fight every time they have conversation, the two starts off as the biggest enemies.

Meanwhile, Rain is in love with a fashion designer Han Eun Jung (let's just call her Miss Fashion for this review). Rain and Miss Fashion grew up together as the best friends, however, Rain always liked her. Miss Fashion likes Kim Sung Soo (Mr. Manager), who is Rain's friend. Mr. Manager is a flower-heart guy until he met Hye Kyo. Anyways, because of some incidents, Rain happens to marry Hye Kyo, so that he can protect the woman he likes. The marriage is a fake one, basically, because Hye Kyo wants her house back, and Rain wants to protect Miss Fashion. So, the two had an agreement, after 6-months, they will divorce, and the Hye Kyo can have her house back.

As the marriage goes along, Rain and Hye Kyo began to build chemistry. They fight a lot, but they also begin to care about each other a lot. Hye Kyo is also very much in love with Rain's family. Slowly, they found feelings toward each other, but they are too afraid to admit it...

Series Links
Story summary and episode guide (Korean)



- Dislike Factor
Miss Fashion
She relies too much on Rain, no matter she is happy or unhappy, she wants Rain to be with her. This is so selfish! She only knows how to use him when she needed him. After Rain married, Miss Fashion gets even more annoying, she thinks Hye Kyo takes too much of Rain's time, and she thinks she can't live with Rain's support. What kind of girl is this? She doesn't even loves Rain, why takes so much of his time?

Mr. Manager
I don't know if I should dislike him or not, because without him, Rain will not realized how much he loved Hye Kyo. But, Mr. Manager can be a dislike factor because he wants to take Hye Kyo from Rain. Also selfish kind, who always thinks he is the best...


- Love Factor
Hye Kyo
The first time I know her is from Endless Love, I believe most of your Korean series fans saw that series. In every episode she is in, we see her cry. Basically, we can say she is the best crier in Korea, perhaps in the world. Anyways, in this series, Hye Kyo plays a different role, her character is very funny, cute and always happy. You will see her emotional side as well, but mostly, you will see the funny side of Hye Kyo. I loved the way she fights with Rain, and tells him to do the housework, it's so cute.

Rain -- he is so tall ~.~
For some of you don't know him, he is a famous singer in Korea in real life, you can also call him Bi, which means rain in Korean. I don't think Rain is handsome, but he is very cute. Watching Hye Kyo and Rain together is so fun, because they are so cute together. Rain plays a famous movie star, his character is not so good at the beginning, because he thinks he is the top, and no one can offend his feelings. When he met Hye Kyo, who always fight with him, he begin to change. Towards the end, he became a very good character, and he is willing to admit his love with Hye Kyo. That is a very big change for him...

The three bear song
Every time you hear this song, you will laugh so bad! The first time you heard it is when Hye Kyo is singing it to Rain's family, she also danced a little, very cute ~.~ Then, the second time is when Rain makes Hye Kyo mad, and he sang that song to her to make her stop crying. The third time is when Rain's grandma made Hye Kyo cry, and she sang that also. The fourth time, I think that is the funniest part, that is when Rain sang it to Hye Kyo, he also danced. Rain sang two versions, one is the Korean version, one is the English version, both versions are so cute...


- How Come Factor
The divorce
I am not sure why Rain wants to divorce Hye Kyo so that he can protect her, that part doesn't make too much sense. I understand the fact that he might misunderstands Hye Kyo and Mr. Manager's relationship, but that misunderstanding is very easy to solve, why choose to divorce? I don't get that part...

- Best Scenes
1. Every time when Hye Kyo and Rain argues, you can never get tired of it.
2. When Rain calls Hye Kyo, "chicken" or "bird" or "wo-wo", anything that drives Hye Kyo mad, those just so cute...
3. The jokes Hye Kyo tries to tell Rain, including the rabbit-turtle joke, this shows how much they care about each other
4. When Rain and Hye Kyo clean the house together, especially the window part, that just made me laugh so bad
5. When Hye Kyo cried and asked Rain's grandma why grandma doesn't like her. That was emotional part, but also very funny when grandma sang the three-bear song
6. When Rain and Hye Kyo camping together, that was the sweetest moment in the series.


- The Performances
As I said, Hye Kyo is great when she is crying, but she is also great whey she is playing funny. I also like Rain's performances, because he also makes me laugh a lot. As for the others, I basically didn't care too much.

- The Storyline
This story is extremely funny and cute and romantic. It did drag a little bit, but overall, it is a great story. I think the scriptwriters did great job about the fighting lines. Basically, anything can make the two main characters argue, and when they are arguing, it makes the series more fun the watch

- Worth Watching?
If you are a Korean series fan, you don't want to miss this show, you will love it. It is relaxing, and you will like the way the story flows. Go watch it, it is a must see!





Full House
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