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To Get Unstuck in Time
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To Get Unstuck in Time (22 Episodes)
* Reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Roger Kwok, Flora Chan, Patrick Tang, Sheung Tin Ngor, Hui Siu-Hung, Cherrie Kong

What, when, where and who
Roger Kwok plays a crime officer, who is investigating a series of homicide crimes. The suspects all linked to 20 years ago. Hui Siu Hung plays Roger's father, who died in a very undignified manner. Suddenly one day, an old cell phone helped the two communicate, Roger and his father began to solve the crimes together.

Meanwhile, Roger meets Flora, who is a detective fiction writer. Flora is also disabled due to a car accident happened 20 years ago. Roger and Flora became friends, and help each other on the crimes. Soon, they are very much in loved. However, because of Flora's disability, she felt ashamed to be with Roger. Then Roger decided to change her destiny by asking his dad to save her from the accident 20 years ago. However, her fate changes completely afterward. Flora became a gangster's daughter, who doesn't even know Roger. This change of fate also leads to the true reason behind Hui Siu Hung's death...

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- Dislike Factor
Cherrie Kong
Cherrie plays Flora' sister in this series, this is the second time I watch her performance. (First time was in Placebo Cure) I can clearly tell you that her performances are pretty bad. I guess she is still very new, and I understand she needs time to improve. However, it is easy to give up on her, because she really doesn't have a single clue about how to act. Especially in her crying scenes, or mad scenes, you really just want to switch the TV off or skip her part badly...

The second half of the series
Let's put aside the fact that this series did COPY some of the American movies. If you watch the American movie "Frequency" and "Butterfly Effect", you will know why I accuse the producer for plagiarism in this series. However, this is not important, because the producer did put some good storyline in the first half of the series. So, let's talk about the second half, that begins in episode 15, which is after Roger changes Flora's destiny. It does make sense that if Flora's legs are good, Flora and Roger will not met, Flora's family will not be together. Yes, everything did change, but Roger's memory does not. This also makes sense, because he is the one changes the destiny. The thing that doesn't make sense is that when we learned the fact that Flora is "evil", Roger still madly in love with her. Ok, Roger loves Flora, but it is the original Flora that he is in love with. The "evil" Flora right now is not the one to love. Roger changed totally as well, he blames himself for changing the destiny, of course, he should. But, that doesn't means that Roger can forget about his police duty, and keeps helping the "evil" Flora. Sure, we understand that Roger wants to help Flora becomes good, but the rest of the storyline became more and more un-interesting. As the audiences, we really wish the first part of the series can come back, however, that isn't the case. Oh, also, you can find some major errors in the second half the series, you will know when you watch it.

The Evil Flora
There is one thing Flora can't do, which is playing evil. A big "NO" for her...


- Love Factor
Roger Kwok
Roger's performance is very good, especially in the first half of the series, he is very responsible, very smart... Things did change after episode 14, Roger is still the same Roger, with two memories. Roger did a great job of presenting two memories. He gets a little crazy, which leads him to protect the evil Flora very badly...

The crimes
Ok, let's drop the overall storyline for a little while. Let's just looking at the crimes, and how Roger and his father solve the crimes. This is the love factor of the series. The outcome of the crimes, and how the crimes are solved is very hard to predict, this makes the entire series really interesting to watch, because you will never know what will happen next. Yet, again, the second half only had one crime to solve, but still, it has three versions of it, so I guess it is interesting, but not as interesting as the first half. The first half is a great detective show, consider the fact that the crimes are over 20 years old. Well, the "passing-the-evidence" thing is completely copied from the movie "Frequency", but I forgive the producer for doing so, because there is no other ways to pass the evidence to the person 20 years later.


- How Come Factor
The Destiny
Well, at the end of the story, we learned that if Roger's father didn't change Flora's fate, he won't die in the first place. However, in the original destiny, Flora's fate didn't change, that means Roger's father will never has to find her, that also means that he won't met Flora's stepfather, as a result, he won't die. The point I am making here is, the second half of the series doesn't make too much sense, especially if you want to link it to the first half of the series, the two parts don't connect too well. But other than that, we learned a valuable lesson after watching this series: if there is a chance to change one's destiny, don't do it...


- The Performances
Other than Roger Kwok, who did an outstanding performance in this series, Sheung Tin Ngor is also great, she is a very good actress. When I was little, I watched some of her old series, and they all very good. In this series, Sheung Tin Ngor plays Roger's mom, and I like their mother-and-son chemistry very much... Flora only did OK, because I really don't like the evil part of her. Patrick Tong is pretty good, I loved his theme song for the series.

- The Storyline
You can break this story into two parts, the first part is episode 1-14, the second half is from 15-22. If you don't try very hard to connect the two parts, you will enjoy it a little more. Overall, this story is very interesting from a detective point of view. Especially the first half, you will enjoy it very much, and hardly remember to eat your dinner. Because you will keep watching and watching... Once again, the entire series is hard to predict, it's a great suspense, not a great romantic show.

- Worth Watching?
If you like suspense type of series, go watch it. If you are a Roger fan, this is the series for you. Overall, I think most of you will enjoy it. Compare it with other detective series, this one is very hard to predict, so you will have fun watching it. Just don't try to connect the two parts of the story too much, ok? Also, if you haven't watch the American movie "Frequency" and "Butterfly Effect" yet, I recommend you to watch it.



To Get Unstuck in Time
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