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To Catch the Uncatchable
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To Catch the Uncatchable (25 Episodes)
* Reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Doyo Wong, Ada Choi, Marco Ngai, Michael Tong

What, when, where and who
"Don't worry, no problem." This is the line you will heard the most in this series, this is the line from a very funny, yet smart detective. This detective is Doyo, he is very smart, very calm, very logical, and also has a very high IQ, however, there is one weakness, he is physically weak and slow. This series is about this detective, and his team members, who solve the crimes together. Usually a detective series is very serious, but this one is very funny, you can say it is a comedy.

Ada is a insurance agent, who met Doyo, and the two have many conflicts together. The two always argue against each other, but slowly they began to build strong bond together. Michael plays a physical instructor, who helps Doyo and Ado to keep fit, Michael also had a crush on Ada.

After many crimes, Doyo and Ado falling in love with each other, but still, there are many difficulties they have to face...

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- Dislike Factor
If there is one thing I have to dislike about this series, that could be the ending. I am not going to talk about it at this point. Scroll down to the "How Come Factor" in this review to read more, you won't regret it.


- Love Factor
Doyo Wong
It has been a while I haven't watch Doyo's performances, the last time was in War and Gender, and I liked him instantly. In this series, Doyo not only did an outstanding performance, he also provides the audiences lots of fun and entertainment. Doyo's character is very funny to watch, the way he talks, the way he runs, the way he talks to Ada, the way is say, "Don't worry, no problem!", the way he solves the crimes. Everything about this character is perfect, I believe this is the character you will love instantly, including loving his weakness.

Doyo + Ada = The Perfect Chemistry
Doyo and Ada's chemistry is the main focus of this series, it is also the chemistry you won't forget easily. From the moment they met, you will know there is something between them. Yes, they did hate each other, but they also love each other, it just takes them 25 episodes to realized that.

Marco Ngai's Romeo
Marco's character Romeo is a supporting character, this is the character you won't hate, but he is pretty bad. Marco always against Ada, he always fight with her in their work time. However, this "bad" character is also very funny, and sometimes pity. He was wrongly accused twice, so he makes the audiences pity him a little.


- How Come Factor
The Ending
According to one of Doyo's interview, he said the very original ending was a happy ending. The ending was about after Doyo caught the stealer, he almost fainted, but he was ok, and then took the wedding picture with Ada, then they will be happily ever after. However, the producer of the series decided to cut the ending a minute earlier, which means, the series ends with Doyo faints on the street, in another word, he died tragically. Of course, this tragic ending aired, and lots of audiences were arguing about it. So, the producer and Doyo explained to everyone that the original ending was a happy one, but they chose to cut it shorter and make it a tragic ending. Perhaps, this way makes the series more unforgettable. Because of the fact that too many people are arguing, one of the entertainment show in Hong Kong showed the original happy ending to all the Hong Kong audiences. This is the first time TVB ever do something like this, so it is a very interesting factor of the show. Will there be a sequel? Since Doyo is not dead, the possibility of a sequel is very much likely to be done. Anyway, I also captured 9 images from the alternative ending, so, for those of you who didn't have a chance to watch the alternative ending, here are images...


- Best Scenes
1. When Doyo and Ada first met, Ada thought he was the bad guy
2. Whenever Doyo says, "Don't worry, no problem"
3. When Doyo calmly solved the crime, he is very smart ~.~
4. When Doyo asked Ada to marry her, this part is very very fun to watch, the cutest marriage proposal ever!


- The Performances
The best actor award goes to Doyo, of course, he is really the best, he can be really funny, he can be really calm, he can also be very emotional. In the last episode, Doyo learned that the possibility of his death is very high, he becomes very emotional. Great performances... I am really really hoping for a sequel of this series!

- The Storyline
For those detective series fans, you might easily predict the murders in this series, so you might say, this is so easy to predict. However, this is not the main point of the show, it is about how Doyo solved the crimes. The storyline is not as interesting as Detective Investigation Files series, but it is very funny, funny enough that you will forget the fact that the outcome is easy to predict. Instead, you will falling love with the show instantly...

- Worth Watching?
For those of you who didn't watch this series yet, you HAVE TO watch it! This is an order! You won't regret it. This is the show you won't forget, you will laugh, you will enjoy it.



To Catch the Uncatchable
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