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Hard Fate
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Hard Fate (30 Episodes)
* Reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Flora Chan (Tiffany), Damian Lau, Kevin Cheung (Ken), Niki Chow (Ceci), Stephen Au

Guest Appearances:
Michelle Yip, Michael Tong

What, when, where and who
This is a very interesting story about a jade, and it's three owners' stories. Flora is a jade designer, who got a jade from her old aunt Suen Yin Tsau . From the jade, she learned the tragic story about Suen Yin Tsau and her lover. This jade is suppose to bring luck and happiness to life, however it associates with three tragedies...

Flora worked with Damian in a very successful jade company, the two worked hard together, and soon after, they began to build good chemistry. Meanwhile, Niki came to Hong Kong to find Kevin, who she thinks is her "brother". After some investigations, Niki found out Kevin is not her brother, and she is also falling love with Kevin.

When things are going well, Flora discovers Damian was already married, and Niki (let's call her Ceci from now, because I like that name better) is her daughter! Then, Damian's crazy wife came to disturb Flora. Flora was sad and wanted to break apart with Damian, however, at this time, Damian's crazy wife died, and Damian had an accident as well.... Flora then decided to be with Damian, soon the two married. At the other hand, Ceci discovered big secrets of Damian, this made her relationship with Damian breaking apart. Kevin and Ceci found out Damian was the one responsible for crazy wife's death and Kevin's real father's death....

Series Links
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- Dislike Factor
Flora's performance

If there is one thing I don't like about the series, that could be the performances of Flora. Maybe that character does not fit her too well, may be she tries too much and that make the audiences don't care about her performances. Don't give me wrong, I am a Flora fan, but I am just a little disappointed with her performances. Especially in the last couple episodes, I can tell that she tries too hard to do the crying or scaring scenes. But, sometimes, when she tries too hard to perform a scene, it doesn't get a better result. Try to relax a little, Flora ~.~

The sudden crushes (Flora + Kevin = The total unmatchable)
At the beginning, Flora had a crush on Kevin, for about an episode or two, thanks God, she did give it up, and soon in love with Damian. Also, for Kevin, he had a crush on Flora, my god, when is this ever going to end? The good thing is, Flora and Kevin never had a date, otherwise, it will make me yuck! They do not match at all! To the producer, thanks for not making them together as a couple.


- Love Factor
Damian's Performance
I DO NOT CARE if you are a Damian fan or not, but you will be a fan of his after watching his AMAZING performances in this series! His character is a very successful jade business man, he is a gentleman, he likes to help people, he loves Flora, he loves jade. But, all these turned him into a villain. His transformation is the key factor in this series, well, you can't call it a transformation, because he is not perfect to begin with. He has secrets, he has a wife he won't tell anyone about, he caused a best friend's death. Then later, because of his love toward Flora, he is willing to do anything, including killing his wi fe.... Is he a true gentleman after all? Or is he a wolf with the sheep skin covered? Damian's performances can tell you everything his character is going through. The greed, the love, the scary, the tears and the regrets, every performance was perfect!

Kevin Cheung
Kevin is too cute, I can't stop thinking about his character in this series! His character is funny, responsible, caring, and cute!!!! He and Ceci are so match, because both of them are so cute together! Kevin did a great job as well, he really knows how to cry! Did Damian taught him some crying skills? ~.~

The Story
This story is a great surprise, I really loved it. The entire story is well organized with a few twists, plus some excitement, plus some scary moments. Guess what, it is rated PG-18, that means if you are younger than 18, you need to grab someone 18 and older to watch the series with you. Hehe, it is not recommended to watch the series at night, because it will make you excited, and don't want to sleep. You see, the themevideo seems very comfortable, and gives the audiences a nice feel, and you might think this story could just be a typical love story, with a little comedy. When watching the first few episodes, you are right. However, when you continue on the story, more and more unexpected things are happening one after another, until the end, you realized how special this story is.

The Ending
Finally, I put an ending into the Love Factor list. Hey, this is special! Why? I will tell you later (in the Pity Factor section). However, for those of you who did NOT FINISH the series and those of you who did not even begin the series, I recommend you to leave this review NOW!!!! You will thank me for warning you this! Watching the ending without knowing what will happen is the greatest experience ever, especially in this series!!!! Don't forget to watch the series, and come back to read the review ~.~

- Pity Factor
The Expected and the Unexpected Deaths
WARNING: The following review is for those of you already finish the series, and those of you who will not blame me for telling you the ending. If you are not any of above, please LEAVE this review right now!!!! You will thank me after you finish the series first. Oh, before you leave, scroll all the way to the bottom and read the few last comments I have on the series.... ALWAYS trust TVB Square's advices ~.~

The Expected Death - Damian Lau
Most of you already expected that Damian will die, of course, all villains don't have a good ending. For Damian, he lost his daughter Ceci, his wife Flora, his baby daughter Tong Tong, his jade business and the most important of all, he lost himself. When Flora finally told him that she was scared of him, Damian was heart broken. All he wanted was to be with Flora and Tong Tong, he wanted to give up everything for them. However, he also gave himself up, he turned into an unforgivable husband and father. Like he said, he is a jade, a defected one, no matter how hard he tries to fix it, it will still has the fissure....

The Unexpected Death - Ceci
Who do we blame for Ceci's death? Let me go through them one by one...
(1) Blame the jade: if the jade is a curse, well it sure destroyed the entire Leung family: the crazy wife died, Stephen died, Damian died, and of course Ceci has to die
(2) Blame Flora, if she didn't ask her to take care Tong Tong, Damian will not come to her
(3) Blame Kevin, if he didn't go to take the wedding picture earlier, he can protect her
(4) Blame Damian, if he didn't force to take Tong Tong away from Ceci, she will not chase her on the street
(5) Blame the car driver, if he drove a little slower, or if he is a more careful driver, he will not hit Ceci so badly
(6) Blame the doctor, why not just wait for Ceci to awake by herself, why gave her another operation?
(7) Blame the producer, why gave the audiences so much hope, and finally kill Ceci?

- Best Scenes
1. When Flora first met Damian, she kept calling her "uncle", it is so funny, then Damian taught her some lessons
2. When Kevin and Ceci finally got together, those two are just so cute together
3. When Ceci found out her father is Flora's boyfriend, that part is really exciting!
4. When Kevin asked Ceci to marry her, so sweet ~.~
5. Kevin and Damian's crying scenes, those two guys know how to cry!!!! Their tears make me heart break as well
6. The ending, I can say it is the most perfect one in the recent years!


- The Performances
The best actor award goes to Damian, the best supporting actor is Kevin. Flora tried a little too much, and she needs to relax a little. Niki (Ceci), she is new, she still needs improvement, being cute is not enough, but I believe she has room to improve.

- The Storyline
Is the jade a good luck charm, a curse or a lesson? It is a good luck charm because the lovers can meet each other. The three owners all had their great love story because of the jade. The jade is a curse because of the tragedies, the first owner and her son died, Michelle Yip (the second owner)'s baby died, Flora's husband's entire family died. The jade is a lesson because it teaches us that the jade doesn't control an owner's destiny, it is us, who are responsible for all wrongs. No matter what, this jade story has a deep impact on me, and I believe if you watch the series, you will too. I love the story, because it makes you think a lot of possible outcomes, it makes you surprise by adding a few twists, it makes you sad by bringing in the tragic end.

- Worth Watching?
To all of you, this is the MUST see, I don't care if you are or aren't a fan of any actor or actress in the series. Put those thoughts behind you, and go rent the series! You will not regret it!



Hard Fate
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