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Myolie Wu
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Myolie Wu Hang Yi (Hu Xing Er)

Acting Skills: A
The first time I saw Myolie's performances was in Eternal Happiness, and I did not like her character, so I wasn't paying too much attention about her. Then, I watched Golden Faith, that was the first time I began to notice her and begin to like her as an actress. The performances in Golden Faith was unforgettable, and from then, she became more and more popular in TVB. Later, her performances in Family Man, Survivor's Law, Doomed in Oblivion were also outstanding, but it was Triumph in the Skies that made her a super star, and then, she became one of my favorite actress. After watching Triumph in the Skies, I knew I can not stop watching her series, so, soon afterwards, I finish watching Net Deception and Dream of Colours. Of course, her performances were also great, especially in Dream of Colours

Comedy Skills: ?
I don't think Myolie will be perfect in comedy roles, because she is the dramatic girl. But, she got an amazing smile, which could be a good advantage for her comedy roles

Crying Skills: A+
Myolie is a great cryer! She also improved her crying skills from time to time. It is amazing to see how quick she can cry, and how emotional she can become. Myolie contributes many different types of crying skills to the audiences, and everytime you see cry, you will step into her character's shoes

Smiling Skills: A+
Myolie can smile, and she got the cutest smiles among all others. She was born with it, and her smiles make the audiences feel happy. That's why most of her characters are very cute, her characters bring the audiences lots joy

Singing Skills: ?
Does she sing? I never heard it...

Kissing Skills: B
Hmmm... let me think... I only remember one kissing scene of Myolie, that was in Golden Faith: the very innocent kissing scene, very cute ~.~

Dressing Skills: A
I don't know if it is Myolie, who has the fashion taste. Or, the producer, who wants to dress up Myolie. Anyhow, Myolie's outfits are great, especially in Dream of Colours. I think Myolie herself has some fashion taste too, otherwise, she won't star in that show

Improvement Skills: A
Speaking of improvement, Myolie is keeping doing it all the time. From the boring role in Eternal Happiness to the breakthrough performance in Golden Faith, then the super hit in Triumph in the Skies. Myolie has become a big star, and she deserves it

Best Breakthrough Performance
Golden Faith


Best looking in Ancient Series

Doomed to Oblivion

Best looking in Modern Series
Dream of Colours

Best Hair Style
Myolie looks the cutest in Dream of Colours and Triumph in the Skies. The hair styles fit her perfectly. I hate her hair style in Survivor's Law, it was too short. I also hate her hair style in Net Deception, it is way too big!


Best Costar
Wong He, as a husband or as a brother. I love Myolie and Ah Hei together, in Doomed to Oblivion, they are husband and wife, it was a great chemistry. Also, they played as brother and sister in Net Deception, it was really good.

Francis Ng and Myolie look great together! Especially the age differences, that makes this couple more special. Also, the many difficulties they went through in Triumph in the Skies, that shows them more perfect for each other ~.~

Best Ancient Series
Doomed to Oblivion, even though she got a small role

Best Modern Series
Triumph in the Skies, I choose this one over Golden Faith, because I love this Triumph in the Skies a lot more

Best Leading Role
I choose between the role in Dream of Colours and the role in Triumph in the Skies. In Dream of Colours, her role is bigger

Best Supporting Role
As Wong Hei's second wife in Doomed to Oblivion and the unforgettable "Yin Yin" in Golden Faith



Birthday: 06/11
Height: 172cm
Weight: 47kg