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Dream of Colours
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Dream of Colours (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Myolie Wu(Michelle), Kwan Ho Tes(Nick), Sharon Can(Ella), Rain Lee(Fei Fei), Melissa Ng(Elaine), Kenneth Ma, Lokyi Li

What, when, where and who
The story talks about a group of fashion designers, who are seeking the true fashion and their dreams. Myolie is a girl who doesn't know what she truly wants to do for her career until she met with Kwan Ho Tes, who is the top fashion designer. Myolie became his student, and began to learn the world of fashion. Slowly, she gained a lot of interests in fashion design, and decided she wants to be a top fashion designer. Sharon Chan and Rain Lee are two best friends, who met Myolie, and they all worked for Kwan Ho's company. However, Sharon was jealous of Myolie's talent, and she tries everything to against her. Finally, the friendship broke apart.

Meanwhile, Melissa was Kwan Ho's girlfriend for ten years, however they broke apart as Melissa learned that their love is fading away. Kwan Ho pays very special attention to Myolie, the two build great chemistry together as teacher and student.

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- Dislike Factor
Ella (Sharon Can's character)

Ella is a very selfish girl, very ambitious, very jealous, and very unreasonable. From the beginning, she is jealous of Myolie After they work together, she picked on Myolie all the time, and she did many things to drive Myolie away. I am sure all of you will dislike this character until the moment of her change, that is when Kenneth Ma was in comma. You see, Kenneth is a very good guy, he takes care of Ella whenever she was upset. Even though everyone else say Ella is bad, Kenneth still helps her, his love was strong until when he knows Ella betrayed him. After that, Ella finally learned what she truly wants is true love

The guy played Mario
I dislike this character, I dislike the guy who plays this character even more. This guy and Melissa don't match AT ALL!!!! The good thing is, they did break apart....


- Love Factor
The fashion
This series has the best taste in fashion! No matter in the fashion show, or the outfits of every single character, the fashion was outstanding! Especially for Myolie's character, her outfits are great, special and unique. The fashion shows were amazing as well, I especially love the Miss Hong Kong show, this is call true fashion!

Now, Myolie is at the top spot of my favorite actresses list. No kidding! I really enjoyed her performances. In this series, her character was very talented, but she didn't know about it, until she began to love fashion. Myolie's performances were outstanding! Especially in the crying scenes, there is once, Kwan Ho yelled at her for copying other designer, she began to cry instantly. Such a great performance!

The teacher & student relationship (not as lovers)
I like Kwan Ho and Myolie as teacher and student, their chemistry is great. Myolie helps Chain Ho on a lot of ideas, Kwan Ho teaches Myolie every detail of fashion design. They care about each other, they respect each other, they also teach each other. We all can tell, they do like each other, however, when Kwan Ho said, "I like you" to Myolie, I didn't feel very comfortable about it, don't know why. Anyway, I still put a thumb up for their teacher and student relationship

Rain Lee & Lokyi Li
I don't like Rain Lee's performances, but I like her character and I like her chemistry with Lokyi. These two look very cute together, especially when they do the fashion show together

- Pity Factor


- How Come Factor
Ella from bad to good
It takes just couple minutes, from the moment Kenneth was in an accident to the part he was in comma, Ella has changed completely. The good thing is, she changes from bad to good. Hmmm, I am wondering if this is too fast for a transformation?


- Best Scenes
1. Every single fashion shows, I totally loved it

2. When Myolie and Lokyi together, they had good chemistry as sister and brother
3. Whenever Myolie and Kwan Ho began to search new ideas, it is cool to see how their ideas work out, and finally become a great fashion


- The Performances
Let's talk about Kwan Ho Tee first, he is a very talented actor. He did a lot of shows for ATV, also stage plays, he also directed some movies. Anyway, he is very talented, and in this series, he plays a very talented fashion designer, it matches him very well. Myolie did a great job as I said above. Sharon Can is not too bad, at least she can cry a little. Rain Lee still needs improvement, I don't like the way she acts out for her lines. I think Kenneth Ma and Lokyi Li are really great, they can become very good actors

- The Storyline
The story is refreshing, and after you watch the series, you might wondering if you want to be a fashion designer or not. I enjoyed the story, it also teaches us some lessons. The title is good, dream of colours, that is the whole story is about

- Worth Watching?
If you are a fashion designer, you can not miss this one. If you are a Myolie fan, you will enjoy it very much. If you have nothing else to watch, watch this one, you will enjoy it.



Dream of Colours
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