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Blade Heart
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Blade Heart (37 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Adam Cheng, Lisa Wang, Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung, Mimi Lo, Zhang Heng, Yeung Suet, Carlo Ng, Wong Shu Kei, Gregory Lee, Lee Wing Hon, Yu Yeung, Olivia Fu

What, when, where and who
The story begins with an introduction of Adam and Lisa's past. Twenty years ago, Lisa's family were killed by the government because of SiMa family and Zhang Cheung. Lisa and Adam also got separated without knowing each other was still alive. Twenty years later, Lisa and Adam both using their way to seek revenge, however, they didn't know the true enemy behind their tragic.

Meanwhile, Lisa's daughter Shirley, met with Raymond, the two falling love, however Raymond is Lisa and Adam's son. The other girl, Mimi Lo, who is a doctor, she was also in love with Raymond, and willing to do anything for him.

When Lisa finally seek her revenge, the SiMa family broke apart. SiMa Ping Ting (cast by Yeung Suet) wants to seek revenge, she killed Shirley, and made Raymond hate both Lisa and Adam. Later on, Raymond and her began to work for Zhang Cheung. SiMa Ping Ting killed lots people to be who she is, meanwhile, she is also falling love with Raymond (for a short time). However, revenge is all she wanted, and she became more and more evil. After Raymond found out she was evil, he finally awakes...

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- Dislike Factor
SiMa Ping Ting

Most of people don't know the cast of SiMa Ping Ting, she is from mainland, and her name is Yeung Suet. I am sure you will remember her after watching this series, because the fact that she is truly evil, evil enough that you will hate her to the bone! From the first moment you see her to the last moment of her death, you will keep hating her. Sometimes, you don't even want to see her or listen to her, so you might just fast-forward the series, and totally skip her part. This is what I did, because I really really hate that character

Raymond, when he was stupid
Remember "Golden Faith"? I believe most of the Raymond fans do. Well, you will expecting a Raymond who is even more stupid in this series than the one in "Golden Faith"! Ever since he found out that he is Lisa's son, he began to be stupid. He blames Shirley's death on Lisa, he misunderstands his parents, he works for the guy who was responsible of Lisa's family's tragedy. Not only these, the most stupid of all, he didn't believe the girl who truly loves him, instead, he wants to marry the girl who killed Shirley! Well, you might find Raymond a good excuse for being stupid, and yes, you are right, we should blame SiMa Ping Ting for all of these. However, I just can't stand the fact that he was that stupid. Especially when Mimi told him everything, and he still won't believe it!

The storyline
You will not expect to have a laugh in this series whatsoever. Consider the fact that over 50% of the main casts died (see more information below). Also consider the fact that the story is very melancholy, in another word: depressing. The last of all, it is dragging. If you can not handle too much depression in one single episode, you might have to skip some part, or fast-forward it

The unnecessary deaths
There are some people should die, and someone should not. In this series, there are too many unnecessary deaths. I know the producer wants to make a tragic series, but that doesn't means he can kill over 50% of the main casts! The number of deaths don't make a impact, it is the way they die makes the biggie. I especially hate the ending, why the producer has to kill Adam? It doesn't make any sense


- Love Factor
The one and only Mimi Lo
The one character you will like is perhaps the one and only Mimi. I didn't like other casts from the beginning to the end, she was the only one. At the beginning, she falls in love with Raymond, however, she knew Raymond and Shirley are "in love", so she tried everything to help them to be together. Later, when Shirley died, Raymond was also sentenced to death, Mimi was really depressed as she thought Raymond was already died. Then, she found out Raymond was still alive, however he was working with an evil man and living with an evil woman. Mimi was disappointed, however she did all she could to help Raymond to find out the truth. The only was, Raymond didn't believe her! Poor Mimi, she was also poisoned by the woman Raymond wants to marry! The good thing is, before Raymond really marries SiMa Ping Ting, he finds out the truth. However, Mimi was very sick, but she didn't tell Raymond about it, she hides her sickness until the end. Did she died? We don't know the answer to that question, it is left for the audiences to guess

The ones who can act
Even though there are not a lot of characters I like, but there are many wonderful performances that I really enjoy. Let's talk about Raymond first, his performances were a big plus ~.~ I am glad that he did work on his crying skills, and he worked hard on it. There are some crying scenes (not all of them) of his are really good, for example, the scene where Raymond cries out "Mom" to Lisa. Speaking of Lisa, she is a great actress, so great! I just didn't like her character at the beginning, but other than that, her character was great. So lucky for the other female casts, who can learn a lot from Lisa. Well, I believe they did, Shirley, Mimi and many others did a good job. Especially Mimi, she knows how to cry.... Also, believe me or not, Yeung Suet did a good job even though her character is hateful, she really knows how to cry. There is one scene when Yeung Suet knew Raymond will protect her forever and ever, she was touched and cried, that was when the audiences know that she does love Raymond... Adam Cheung is also good, it is nice to see him act in an ancient series again.

- Pity Factor
The Death Factor
I have mentioned that over 50% of the main casts in this series died, that means, every two characters you see on screen, one of them will die. Well, let's just say 50% as an estimate, and I will say that one couple of them are pity enough to mention

Wong Shu Kei
He was a loyal servant of SiMa Yi, he was a great servant. However, he transforms into a cruel killer who kills his master towards the end. The reason is one person, SiMa Ping Ting. The first time when we know Wong Shu Kei falls in love with her is when she teaches him how to write his name. But, we didn't realize he will be crazy because of her. Crazy enough to kill innocent people, kill his own master. And, the pity thing is, SiMa Ping Ting doesn't even care about him! He knew about it, but he still does anything she wants, because all he wanted is to protect her. He became SiMa Ping Ting's revenge tool. However, when he realized she lives in a very miserable world, he killed her, and he suicide after thinking he can still protect her after death. I pity him for his transformation. When a man is crazy about a woman, he is not likely to survive

Shirley Yeung
If she doesn't die, I am not sure how she will handle the fact that the man she loves is her brother. Yuck! Therefore, she has to die. But, I pity the way she died. I was expecting she suicides after learning the truth. However, that wasn't how she died, she was murdered by SiMa Ping Ting, who was seeking revenge onto her. Before she died, SiMa Ping Ting told her that Raymond was her brother, she didn't believe it, and then she died. Will it make me feel better if she believe in SiMa Ping Ting? I don't know... I just pity her for not knowing the truth before death


- How Come Factor
The Reduced Version
Originally, there should be 40 episodes, or may be more. The TVB version cut it into 37, I don't know how much did other versions cut. The reason why? It is dragging enough to cut... Clearly, there are some parts we can totally ignore and fast-forward through it.


- Best Scenes
1. When Raymond and Shirley was forced to separate apart before Shirley was sent to the Palace. It was a very dramatic scene as how they don't want to separate from each other, however, the other people just force them apart

2. When Lisa told Adam that Raymond is their son, that was why she tried her best to separate Raymond and Shirley apart. Raymond was so angry, and wanted to kill both of them... The moment of truth can never come easy on anyone!
3. When Raymond and Lisa were both in danger, Lisa wanted to give up since she doesn't want Raymond to die. Raymond begged her not to give up, and finally called her "Mom"


- The Performances
As I mentioned above, you can read it again if you want ~.~

- The Storyline
Too dragging, too boring (sometimes), and too tragic. It wasn't a great storyline after all, but there are some scenes you have to catch. Thanks to the performances, which really support the series a lot.

- Worth Watching?
For those of you, who are a big Raymond or Mimi fan, you can give it a try. For those of you who wants to kill some time, you should consider this one. For those of you, who wants to see tragic, you have to get ready, because this series can really drive you sad. For those of you, who is looking for kung fu excitements, you might not want to watch this one...

Blade Heart
* reviewed by marsha

Many viewers complained about the beginning of the show – too hasty, too quick, too many abrupt scenes, too many new characters, etc. But for those who have not watched this show, hang in there. The episodes after the first 2 gets much better as the pace slows down.

Experience tells the whole story. From the moment, their faces popped on screen, you knew they were going to be in dictum for the rest of the show. Lisa Wang & Adam Cheng. The combination that sends TV screen spiraling. I do remember a scene where Adam was hunting down his own son (Raymond Lam) in order to kill him and it was in this poignant moment that the truth was revealed. Raymond was the son that he thought he lost. The chemistry, the spite, the hatred, the confusion, hurt, betrayal, misunderstanding spilt forth like an overfilled well. Only experienced actors had the caliber of carrying forth a scene like that. It even seems to me that in some scenes Adam Cheng and Lisa Wang could be speaking from experience. And ooohhhh.... much can be said about the kind of energy and charisma that vibrated and emanated from Adam Cheng. The young Raymond (even if I am a big fan of his) paled in comparison.

Raymond Lam gave another outstanding performance. When he found out that Lisa and Adam were his blood and bone, the tears of confusion and hurt was real. The way he wailed and let his emotions roar forth was truly touching. Who wouldn't?

Lisa Wang was made for the role – or should we say that this role was constructed and designed to fit Lisa and Adam. Yes, they command such honor  in the TV arena in Hong Kong. Shirley Yeung Si Kei plays the "lover-cum-sister" of Raymond Lam. She gives a credible performance as well, but who wouldn't in the face of such fierce competition?

After all, she (and the other newer and less experienced actors) has to look at 2 of the most formidable acting mantras in the HKTVB world and up-and-rising stars, no less, everyday. If they didn't do their best, they will stick out like sore thumbs. Shirley Yeung would appear to be more compatible with her 'cousin' in the show – and might this be the reason why they both ended up as a real life couple?

I don't believe we should judge a person by just the way a person cries on screen but an actor's screaming and crying on screen can evoke very emotional feelings in the viewers. That's why most people judge an actor's ability from the way he or she cries on screen, like opening a tap and then closing it. Another scene which touched me was when Raymond and Shirley were forcibly separated by Lisa. Lisa knew they were brothers and sisters but don't want to let the lovers know. So, she used brute force (she does that a lot in the show) to separate them. The way they called out for each other, screaming unfairness and not understanding the justification behind the separation was so real. Raymond kicking up a storm as authorities drag his flailing body away from Shirley. Shirley yanking her arms away from the deathgrip of the authorities.

I don't know the name of the person who plays 'Yeung Kong Kong' (YKK), he's a real nasty actor. I mean it in the best and kindest way possible. He played the Eunuch (I believe he was a eunuch) to the tee! Absolutely. He didn't laugh the way a normal man would. He would hide his smile and evil laughter behind a tiny veil of a handkerchief. He would sort of whisper or hoot out the evil laugh instead of giving a walloping bellow of a laughter, like the ones we normally see in evil men.

I shall reserve some of my cruder comments to myself about Yeung Suet who played Si Ma Pheng Theng. As a maiden effort in a TVB series, I think she did magnificently. However, generally, it is my personal opinion that she's a real sight for sore eyes, and perhaps her eyes had a role in pulling in this role. Her eyes are magnetic, pulling in the viewers. Even if you hate the rest of her features (which you won't cause she's really beautiful), you'll be captivated with her eyes. She excelled especially when she was angry and hurt or crying. She didn't have many crying scenes, but the ones she did have, she did well. 

I just find it a tad peculiar that not much focus was placed on how emotionally charged a person would normally be to find out that her 'thought dead' son is actually alive. I am referring to the time when Lisa found out that Raymond was her son. The scriptwriters should have written in a few more flashback scenes to illustrate how thankful the mother is that her son is still alive – and she is able to touch him now. At some points, it might even appear as if Lisa favored her daughter over her long-lost-but-now-found son. Lisa was willing to disgrace herself for her daughter (when she was forced to marry the King) but she would not, did not, could not do the same for her son? I don’t know about you, but this sounds a little like favoritism to me – granted she did actually raise Shirley up and didn't for Raymond. The favoritism is unjustified.

TVB and the crew probably didn't think that viewers would be too particularb about how scenes were carried out – but I particularly noticed how the Si Ma family IMMEDIATELY changed to poor-men clothing to reflect their disgraced social status. Hhhmmmm....And it's really strange how Si Ma Yi who was portrayed to be this ruthless and heartless killer suddenly becomes such a mushy fella all of a sudden. No excuse and explanation was given except that he has found truce with Adam and also found true love. The 'boy' they engaged to play the role of the King didn't have enough bones and hair on his body to carry out the role of the King. He was too inexperienced and this, my friends, as I said earlier, stuck out like a sore thumb. Infact, when he was eyeing Shirley with keen interest and commanded his intelligent officers to pursue the newfound love, he was kind of 'ham-sap'. And I just bluntly asked, "This? The King?"

I cannot and will not live with myself I do not mention the credible performance that Wong Shu Khei has put into carrying out his role. Hs an excellent actor for a baby-faced one. It's quite clear that he has aged a whole lot from the time that he held teeny-bopper lead roles in modern series back then, but his experience in acting shows. He plays the role of 'Chor Kow' who is first filial and loyal to his master and then loyal and devoted to a woman he loves, Si Ma Pheng Theng. Much can be said about the character's devotion to her and also the decisions he made thereafter (like killing his own master, cutting his own hand off to save Si Ma Pheng Theng) but I don't think it's easy to play such a terribly pathetic character. To play this character well, one must be able to evoke the feeling of pity and the hatred and sympathy, and then hatred and then pity again.

It can't be easy and you know what? Jimmy Wong (I think that's his real name) plays it perfectly. All he wanted was to be loved and to protect the love of his life – and this, he has been denied. He lives a pathetic existence and most times, I just wish that he and the love of his life would just die. And they did.

The background music and supporting effects were excellent. 11 out of 10! It is not over-exaggerated and not too subtle. Just perfect. The thumping music, melancholic yodeling of a female vocalist that makes of the theme song was perfect. At times, it magnified the scene so much so that my eyes watered and ears were prickled. It was an amazing job and they should be applauded for a job well done. Add that with Adam Cheng's charisma. To this day, I still remember there was a scene where he was chasing Raymond to kill him. He was on a horse with his half-mask hiding half of his face. The horse grunted and thunder splashed across the sky. The lightning lighted half of his face and his murderous eyes as the music thumped. The music just thumped on and on and he waited and the lightning flashed again....I was breathless. Magnificent.

The speed of the way the story was carried out was a concern instead. The bullet-paced beginning and the turtle-paced one towards the middle and then it all speeds up again towards the end. But it is rather ironic that from the start Raymond was carrying his foster mother around on his back in a makeshift seat all around to find a cure for his foster mother. And towards the end, he had to carry his real mother in a similar apparatus. I can only imagine how difficult acting in this show must be for poor Raymond. He ends up having to carry 2 women double his age on his back. It gives 'back-breaking' a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

And lastly, I felt that there was an injustice here – Mimi Lo's picture should be on the main poster. Her role is crucial and important to the storyline. She was there from start to end and has a significant role in explaining certain aspects of the show. Infact, I think her picture should replace Shirley's picture because Shirley died halfway through and did not end up with Raymond in the end. Instead, Mimi Lo ended up with Raymond (thankfully).

Generally, the show is soppy and sad. But it's tragic and emotional. I love it!



Blade Heart
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