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Angels of Mission
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Angels of Mission (20 Episodes)
* Reviewed by TVB Square


Main Characters:
Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Patrick Tam, Hung Tin Ming, Stephen Au, Gilbert Lam

What, when, where and who
The story is about a group of anti-terrorist people, who work really hard to target down the criminals, and keep them from harming the city of Hong Kong. Sonija is the leader of the group, who is a professional at her job. Her love lives weren't so good because non of the boyfriends actually want to share their feelings with her, she felt alone. Charmaine is another girl, who is also a great member of the group, however, she is very mean to a lot of people, and no one dares to chase after her. Shirley is the younger one, who is full of energy, she has way too many boyfriends... All three women are very professional in their work, but very unlucky in their love lives...

Patrick is a typical car salesman, he lost his job and everything because of Charmaine, the two hated each other at the beginning. However, when Patrick found our Charmaine has a lot of money, he planned to chase after her. Patrick pretending to be in love with Charmaine, then the two became closer and closer. Charmaine always plays tricks on him, which made him scared of her. Meanwhile, Patrick falls for Sonija, the two began to date soon after. Charmaine, in the other hand, sacrifice a lot to help Patrick....



- Dislike Factor
Patrick Tam's Character

I have four words for this character, and that is: "CHEAP, CHEAP, VERY CHEAP!!!!" I never see a man can be that cheap! Patrick is a typical sales man, who takes his life very UN-seriously. After he met Charmaine, many bad lucks coming as he lost his job and everything else. Patrick then becomes really poor, and blames everything on Charmaine. Later, they became friends after Patrick realized Charmaine is rich. He began to chase after Charmaine, so that he can get her money. Charmaine was questioned about his loyalty towards her all the sudden, so she played many tricks on him to test him if he really likes her. The result is: of course not! Later, he breaks up with Charmaine, and didn't get her money. Soon after, he falls for Sonija, and he helped her to get rid of Sonija's ex-boyfriend. Then, the two began to date. The same time, Charmaine did so many things for him, and it seems like the two can make a great couple. Especially when Charmaine was in the hospital, Patrick even cried for her.... However, this guy still doesn't know how to choose between Charmaine and Sonija!!!! This just makes me so mad! I really hate this character, and I believe all the female audiences who watching this show will also hate him! I really don't understand how Charmaine and Sonija can falling in love with this guy. The lucky thing is, they did not end up with him.

Episode 20 & the stupid ending!!!!
Well, neither Charmaine nor Sonija ends up with Patrick, because this guy doesn't even know how to find his true love. After all the things Charmaine did for him, and after the hospital scene, Patrick still can't make up his mind. If I am Charmaine or Sonija, I will not even thinking about this person any longer. However, that took an entire episode to show it. At the beginning of episode 20, I am already mad, because the way Patrick does not know how to chose. Then, it just begin to drag as Charmaine and Sonija tried to figure out what Patrick wants. That entire episode is stupid and dragging, which makes the ending even worse to watch. As a result, you will not only hate the ending, you will also mad because you are watching the most stupid episode you will ever expect!!!! (You can see how mad I am when I write this paragraph....)


- Love Factor
The music
If one thing I will praise about the show, and keep praise about it, and that will be the opening music, and the many tones during the series. I enjoyed it, it makes the series very upbeat.

The crimes and the fighting
This is a refreshing show, which is about anti-terrorism It also adopted the idea of "Charlies' Angels", which is about three women fight crimes. It is great to see how Charmaine, Sonija and Shirley teamed up together to fight crimes. They must be trained a lot for this series, and the fighting scenes look very exciting. The crimes investigations are also very interesting to watch, in another words, it wasn't boring ~.~

- How Come Factor
The Love Relationship
Can somebody please tell me why did Charmaine and Sonija both falling in love with Patrick?! I don't understand, how a cheap character like him can win two women's heart!


- Best Scenes
1. Everytime when Patrick calls Charmaine "Auntie", it sounds so funny

2. The scene when Sonija, Charmaine and Shirley team together to kill the evil guy. It is very exciting to watch the way they shot the gun, and fight. This is "girls' power"!
3. The hospital scene, when Charmaine was in comma, it is emotional to see how Patrick cares about her. (However, he didn't chose her, this makes me so mad!)
4. Everytime when the three female characters are talking about their love lives, about men, and about themselves...


- The Performances
I hated Patrick's character, so no matter how good he performed, I still won't give the best actor award to him, I know it is not fair, but I just can not stand that character! The best actor actually goes to Stephen Au, I have many love for this actor. This time, he plays an undercover bodyguard. His character is pretty cool, and I like the way he likes Charmaine. Why doesn't Charmaine choose him, what a pity! Ok, for the best actress, I chose Charmaine over the other two, because I like the way she works hard to help Patrick. Sonija did a good job too, she plays a good leader. Shirley still needs improvements, especially her crying skills.

- The Storyline
The storyline is great if you are talking about the crime part. The story is also great when you are talking about men and women's relationship, you might learn something from it. However, the storyline dies in the last episode as the director to end the series.

- Worth Watching?
A big YES for all of you who are dying to watch something refreshing. Even though you now know the ending sucks big time, you still need to watch this one, you will find some parts, which will entertain you, and keep you interested.



Angels of Mission
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