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Armed Reaction IV
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Armed Reaction IV (40 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square


Main Characters:
Bobby Au Yeung, Ada Choi, Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung

What, when, where and who
This is the continuous story from Armed Reaction III, Bobby and Ada live together as Bobby tries to step up their relationship by marrying Ada. However, Ada wants to accomplish her career first, the couple began to have many problems. Frankie is a young, handsome guy, who is the boss of Bobby, he falls in love with Ada, and this is when the real problems started. Bobby and Ada soon broke up after Ada realized Bobby didn't trust her.... After their break up, Bobby meets Yoyo, who is madly in love with Bobby. Frankie and Ada also build up their relationship soon later....

Meanwhile, Joyce and Marco was expecting their third child, and they went through many difficulties when their son was born. The couple went through another challenge in their life, however, the more difficult task was approaching as the head of the gangster is madly in love with Marco....

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- Dislike Factor
Bobby and Ada's Relationship

If one word can describe their relationship, and that one word must be: BORING! You can pretty much skip through the parts where they argue (which I did, by the way), because everytime, they are arguing about the same thing. Their break up wasn't heart break, because it is very predictable. Even towards the end, when the both of them realized they still love each other, that part was also too obvious, which made me careless.

Frankie and Ada
I don't know what is up with Frankie's character, his appearances just so worthless. I never liked that character, I never want to know how did Frankie and Ada even got together. Well, their relationship is short, also very predictable when they break apart. You also have no idea how Ada changes her attitude towards Frankie so suddenly. She was willing to cook and do everything for Frankie in one day, but the next thing you know, she realizes she only loves Bobby. Was it only because of Frankie's unfaithfulness? I really don't think so, Ada really needs to get her relationship sort out. This relationship is totally an extra to this show, the scriptwriter can pretty much delete this part and still makes the series more interesting....

The crimes' investigations
All the crimes were too obvious, the audiences don't even need to think, and we just know who is the killer. However, it takes the police forever to solve it, this really makes the series dragging. I think there are only about 2 or 3 crimes in this 40 episode series.


- Love Factor
Joyce and Marco
As I said, you can skip through many of the Bobby-Ada, and Frankie-Ada parts, but you do not want to miss any part when Joyce and Marco are together. This couple's story is the only purpose you want to watch this show. They went through so many difficulties together in the first three Armed Reaction series already, but this time, the difficult are even more challenging. At the beginning, it was about if they can have their third child or not, Joyce almost died because of this! Then, it was about Marco's affair. Later, the worst tragedy of all, the disappearance of Marco, this just make the audiences so heart breaking! Why does this couple have to go through that many difficulties?!

- Pity Factor
You know how much Joyce loved her husband by the way she trusted him, understood him, and completely forgave him. It is not easy, especially for her character. If you remember the previous Armed Reaction series, and you will be amazed by the way she changes after the marriage. Her sacrifice was heart breaking, yet powerful. But, the gods in the heaven just won't go easy on her. All the difficulties are facing her and her family. Did Marco survive? Can Joyce finally be with Marco? Is there a Armed Reaction 5? The answers remain silence.... Poor Joyce....


- How Come Factor
The producer got fired
The producer for this series, which is the same one for the pervious three Armed Reaction series was fired by TVB. The reasons why? (#1) The low, and disappointing air rating for this series. (#2) The boring plot which I described above. I will not be surprised if there will never be a Armed Reaction 5, because of the poor result of this series. However, I am still hoping for a new series, which will only focus on Joyce and Marco, because I also believe Marco did not die, and I hope to see this two happily ever after.


- Best Scenes
1. In the hospital, when Joyce was risking her life to have the baby. This is how all the mothers are the most powerful person in the world.
2. When Marco's coworker died while doing his undercover duties, Marco was so mad at himself, this was a great scene as Marco cried and blames himself for everything.

3. Whenever Joyce and Marco sending pictures to each other, so sweet!
4. Every scene when Joyce and Marco experience difficulties together, there was nothing can separate this wonderful couple!!!!


- The Performances
The best actor award goes to Marco, I especially loved his crying scenes, or mad scenes. The best actress goes to Joyce, for everything she contributes for her family, I am so touched by this wonderful character. As for Yoyo, a little improvement means a lot, keep on working.... As for Bobby and Ada, they are the same as in Armed Reaction 3, so there is nothing to say. For Frankie, I really think this character is worthless to talk about, sorry.

- The Storyline
This story is mainly focus on relationship, and more than half of it was about Bobby-Ada-Frankie, and that was boring, and nothing but boring. The other smaller half was about Joyce and Marco, and that was the only supporters of the story. All the crimes are worthless to watch, all the investigations are dragging. However, I found Yoyo's part interesting and funny.

- Worth Watching?
If you saw the first three, go ahead and watch this one, and you will know how disappointing it is. However, the Joyce and Marco part will live in your heart forever. Watch it just for them, you can skip through the rest, just like I did ~.~



Armed Reaction IV
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