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Net Deception
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Net Deception (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Wong Hei, Eddie Kwan, Myolie Wu, Woo Lok Yin, Tiffany Lam

What, when, where and who
This is a story about a criminal, who wants to win everything he does, but when he wins everything, he also lost the most important thing in his life: his soul.... This is the story about self-discovery and how a criminal searching his soul back with the help of his love ones and a police.... This criminal is Wong Hei, who is a selfish, cruel hacker, who did many crimes in terms of hacking, yet he has a warm heart, and he is very respectful to his Grandparents. Myolie is Ah Hei's sister (same father, different mother), who enters Ah Hei's life, and build a very strong sister-brother relationship.

Eddie Kwan is a policeman, who has something against Ah Hei, he uses Woo Lok Yi to be a undercover, who tries to find out the evidences of Ah Hei's crimes. Tiffany is Ah Hei's girlfriend, however, their relationship was bad as Ah Hei found out Tiffany betrayed him.

As the time pass by, Myolie and Lok Yin became lovers... Ah Hei discovers Lok Yin is a undercover, but he still uses him to accomplish his goals. Tiffany and Ah Hei got back together as they realized they are in love with each other....


- Dislike Factor
Eddie Kwan

After many years of absents from TVB, Eddie has pretty much forgot how to act. I am not trying to be mean or something, I just think Eddie tries way to much for his character, and this make the audiences dislike him. I especially don't like the times when Eddie is mad or crazy, his acting was just not there... I also don't like his character, I don't even think that character is in the leading role, it is only a supporting role...

Tiffany Lam
I can't say she is very pretty, but I will say she can not act. Her acting is so poor, which made me dislike her chemistry with Ah Hei even though their love story is kind of interesting. I don't like the way she gets mad, or get emotional... her acting wasn't strong enough to show all those emotions yet

Myolie's Hair - I HATE THAT HAIR! Her hair look so much better in the very last episode, why can't she just use that image? I really hate that big brown hair, it does not look good on her!


- Love Factor
Wong Hei
Other than praise about Ah Hei's wonderful performances in this series, I also very much in love with his character even though his character is selfish and sometimes cruel and mean.... But, deep down inside his heart, he is a wonderful guy with a warm heart. You know that by how well he treats his grandparents, you know he is a nice guy when he shows concern to his sister, you know he has a warm heart as the way he loves Tiffany, you know he is not evil as he teaches Lok Yin to become better. Ah Hei also delivered one of his best performances in this series, I just loved every single scene of his, especially the crying scenes, which will totally break the audiences' heart. Ah Hei's tears are just so powerful, and you will never forget....

Ah Hei and Myolie's Relationship
Myolie knows Ah Hei is her bigger brother from the beginning, that was why she wanted to get closer to him, and always help him. Ah Hei didn't like the way she does things, so he hated her at the beginning, but slowly, he changed his attitude towards her. Then, he realized the fact that Myolie is his sister, Ah Hei treated her really bad, but deep down in his heart, he wants to protect her. Myolie then sacrificed a lot to earn her brother's heart, and Ah Hei finally accepts her, and the two begin to build strong chemistry together.... You can totally see how Ah Hei cares for Myolie by the way he cries when Myolie was in comma....


- How Come Factor
Lok Yin as the undercover?!
He is a new star, still has rooms for improvement. I am not sure why TVB producer gave Lok Yin such a big role, big enough that you see him more than Eddie's character. Also, Lok Yin doesn't look like a undercover guy... I don't think he is a very good actor, but he is young, plus, he got many scenes with Ah Hei, this will help him a lot, I just hope he can learn some acting skills from Ah Hei...


- Best Scenes
1. In the hospital, when Ah Hei's grandma died, it was a very emotional scene as Myolie blames Ah Hei for grandma's death, and Ah Hei said, "I am sorry" many times... both of them cried very hard, and Myolie pushed Ah Hei away...
2. When Myolie is in the hospital, she was shot and stayed in comma, Ah Hei was blind. He went to Myolie's room and asked her to wake up sooner. Such a great performance and an emotional scene, which will capture your heart forever...


- The Performances
The best actor award goes to Ah Hei, in this entire series, Ah Hei is the shinning star, who supports the whole plot, the entire crew, and the audiences as well... I love the way he acts, I love the way he cries... Best actress will be Myolie, she did pretty good in this series, and the crying scenes are touching... however Ah Hei covered more than her, so the audiences will pay more attention to Ah Hei rather than Myolie

- The Storyline
This is one of the most interesting storyline I haven't see for a while, it is also one of the emotional piece (as you will feel pity for Ah Hei every single moment). The story grabs the audiences' attention very well, and the storyline does flow, and the ending didn't suck...

- Worth Watching?
This is the MUST SEE OF THE YEAR! Not only because of Ah Hei, also because of the creative story, and refreshing characters. You will enjoy many pieces of it. For the Ah Hei fans, you will fall in love with him even more after this series, haha, good luck ~,~



Net Deception
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