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Hearts of Fencing
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Hearts of Fencing
* reviewed by SxyAzn

The Characters: [A huge cast for such a short series...]
Race Wong Yuen Ling - (from HK girlgroup R2) Cheng Ka Lam
Natalie Tong Si Wing - Ko Ching
Elaine Yiu Zhi Ling - Lam Suet Man ("Man Man")
Renee Dai Mong Mong - Kwan Miu Yee ("Dai Jek Miu")
Kelly Fu Ka Lei - Chui Kam Mui ("13 Mui")
Lai Lok Yi - Au-Yeung Yat
Don Li Yat Long - Au-Yeung Lok
Eddie Lee Yu Yeung - Chu Mon Tong (Don)
Sam Chan Yu Sum - Kwan Yu Lung
Supporting Cast
Edmond Leung Hon Man as Wong Chui Suet ("Mr. Sword" is what they call him throught the series)
Eileen Yeow Ying Ying as Cheng Sum Mei (Miss Cheng)
Chin Ka Lok as Yu Chi Wai (Principal)
Markus Ng Jin Ho as Fei Cheung
Zac Ko Ho Ching as Lau Hak Fong ("Tai Hak"- big black)

Guest Starring the EEG family...
Boy'z (HK boyband Stephen and Kenny) and Shine (HK boyband #2 Tin Yau and Yau Nam) as The Four Sword Gods
Eason Chan Yik Sun as himself
Nicholas Tse Ting Fung as himself
Alex Fong Lik Sun as a swimming club president
Mini Cookies (Stephy, Kary, Theresa, Miki) as themselves
Edison Chan Koon Hei as Prince Charming (in Lam's Snow White fantasy-dream)
Bobo Chan Man Woon as an Alumni Association president
Rosanne Wong (from HK girlgroup R2, real-life older sister to Race) as a pregnant woman

{The guys, girls, and teachers, all attended Shung Ngai Academy.}
[Girls first, LoL]
This series is based on college life, love, and one sport - fencing. Even though this series is short, it's not rushed at all. The story starts off with Race and her aunt, Mei [ known as Ms. Cheng, played by Eileen Yeow], trying to put together a newspaper group with at least 5 people for the school magazine. Race makes a bet with her aunt and ends up winning with 5 people joining: "Man Man" [Elaine Yiu], Ching [Natalie Tong], which are Race's best friends, and two more girls, "Dai Jek Mui" [Renee tai], and "13 Mui" [Kelly Fu]. These 5 girls work together to create the school's magazines and soon becomes the best of friends. [Now the Guys] Four guys, Ah Yat [Chris Lai], Ah Lok [Don Li], Don/Mon Tong [Eddie Lee], and Lung [Sam Chan], all had a rough start with each other. Ah Yat and Ah Lok are close brothers and their relationship is like most brothers, happiness, some bickering, but very little, and love. Don/Tong and Lung are friends ever since they were little, butL is more of Don's/Tong's little sidekick. Lung is very loyal to Don/Tong. He's always trying to please Don/Tong. Let's look at it this way, Lung and Don/Tong are on one team, and Lok and Yat are on another. These two 'teams' are rivals and disliked each other. "Mr. Sword" [Edmond Leung], their fencing teacher, knows about this, and tries his best to make the "teams" work together by testing them in different ways, and in the end, it worked. The guys become friends after Yat and Lok had saved Tong/Don and Lung when they had fallen off a mountain. Before all this happened, the guys had trained and trained to get prepared for the school's first fencing competition in the last several years, and by luck, won by one point. [This happened after they made up and after Don Li's death; more at the bottom.]

On their second tournament, the guys had lost Lok [Don Li] and it wasn't as easy because this time, they faced a tough fencing champion, Tai Hak. Predictably, the guys won and yada yada yada

Chris Lai as Ah Yat: The lazy and carefree guy, he always wanting the easy way out. He barely passing his classes, always with about a 70 average. He and his brother, Lok, are the closest of brothers and he is willing to give up anything for his brother. At the beginning, Yat and Lam butt heads, but soon develop feelings for each other. After going through many obstacles, he finally changes into a more responsible and mature person, thanks to his fencing teacher, Mr. Sword, and his friends. [Edmond Leung]

Don Li as Ah Lok: The straight A student with many admirers at school, he is loved by his teachers and friends. He is willing to work for what he wants and will try his best. Lok is interesting in a sport fencing. He works hard and tries to succeed and is good at it. Lok is aiming at one goal to beat Tai Hak [Zac Ko], an undefeatable champion in fencing who has won all of his matches. With all the fencing thing going around, he still has time for love. Soon, Lok falls for Lam [Race Wong], and he tries to give her a necklace to show her his feelings, but poor Lok, was rejected, but it doesn't end there.

Eddie Lee as Tong/Don: The spoiled brat that kind of reminds you of a non-violent Dao Ming Si from Meteor Garden. Everything he does tie into money. He is the kind of person that think money can solve everything. He is a kind-hearted and sweet guy actually, but he just doesn't know any other way to express his feelings without using money. At first, Tong/Don has some love at first sight with Lam [Race Wong], but later in the story, he and Ching [Natalie Tong] get together. He has a little buddy/sidekick always following him around. [And this is where Sam Chan appears]

Sam Chan as Lung: The little sidekick that follows rich boy, Tong/Don [Eddie Lee] around. He is the type of person that talks his way out of things. He feeds off his quick brain and tricks most of the time. He is he sweet and usual playboy guy that is charming, but is easy to get mad at. At first, he doesn't notice anyone, but with a coincidence, he and nerdy Man Man [Elaine Yiu], start a relationship, but before that, Lung is confused about his feelings, which will get you a little mad. [Well, at least he got me a little mad]

Edmond Leung as "Mr. Sword": He is the guys' fencing teacher who has a crush on Ms. Cheng [Eileen Yeow], Lam's [Race Wong] aunt. He tries his best to make the guys in to one team, but it took lots of effort for that to happen. About his love life, Ms. Cheng wasn't really into him at first, but after the trip to Sai Pan, where the guys were training for their fencing tournament, and she starts to like him.

Race Wong as Lam: The strong-headed and straightforward girl that reminds you of Shan Cai [played by Barbie Hsu] in Meteor Garden. She does everything that her heart believes and follows the rules. Lam innocently believes that a four-leaf clover that a little boy had given her when she was little would bring her good luck and happiness. This four-leaf clover lets her find the guy she has been trying to find and start a sweet love with him. At first, Lam and Yat [Chris Lai] have some problems, but soon starts their feelings by doing so, but unfortunately, two other guys also has feelings for Lam. Tong/Don [Eddie Lee] and Lok. [Don Li]

Natalie Tong as Ching: She loves to take pictures and is always having a camera hanging over her neck. She is a big fan of all the Hong Kong pop star artists. Ching is a celebrity stalker and thinks that people at school look like some of the Hong Kong stars. She uses her camera to take pictures of everything friends, everything she sees, and her crush, Tong/Don [Eddie Lee]. She starts to have feelings for him, but sadly, Tong/Don has feelings for her best friend, Lam [Race Wong], who doesn't love him.

Elaine Yiu as Man Man: The typical shy and nerdy girl, with a kind heart. She spends her time reading fairytale stories and thinks innocently of the world around her. Man Man, by luck, catches the eye of a cute playboy guy, Lung. [Sam Chan] At first, she is mad at him for not making up his mind about his feelings, but after a little apologizing, they made up and got together.

Renee Tai as Dai Jek Miu: The food-loving girl that always thinks about food. Even when she is dreaming, she is still thinking of food. And with luck, she found her boyfriend that way Fei Cheung. [Markus Ng] She is just another normal girl in the series, a girl playing a girl is all I can say. [I can't explain much, because her character doesn't ell you much, or at least how she portrayed her character.]

Kelly Fu as 13 Mui: The "boy-catcher", is what I call her. Everywhere she goes, there's always going to be a crowd of guys around her. She likes to look pretty and is a full-way girly-girl. She wasn't interested in anyone at all until the end, where she hooks up with Tai Hak. [Zac Koo] Her character is pretty much like Renee Tai, another girl being a girl.

Eileen Yeow as Ms. Cheng: The usual teacher who wants the work done and done correctly, or at least try your hardest. She is actually a very nice teacher, which gets the attention of two male teachers, Mr. Sword [Edmond Leung] and Mr. Kwan, but at the end, she chooses Mr. Sword.


Yat, Lam, and Lok [Chris, Race, and Don]:

At first, Yat and Lam have issues, but later in the story, they start to have feelings for each other, but unluckily, Lok also has feelings for Lam. Even though Tong/Don [Eddie Lee] also has feelings for Lam, she can't stand the boy because of his arrogant ways, but Lok is different. She thinks of him as friend, but Lok has feelings for her. He tries to express his feelings by giving her a necklace that they had saw at an ice cream shop. To get the necklace, you had to eat 10 ice creams at the place and after 6 cups, Lok got sick. Yat, wanting to help his little brother, ate all ten and got the necklace. He then told Lok to give it to Lam, at first, Lam rejects him, but when they went to Sai Pan, he and she were talking and at the end of the conversation, she kisses him. But after Lam starts to like Lok, something terrible happened Lok, by accident, was ran over by a car while trying to pick up the necklace he wanted to give to Lam and passed away on her birthday. Everyone was sad about it, but Yat was extremely calm and made it seem like nothing has happened and she OK about it. He then unexpectedly trains by himself and all of a sudden wanted to beat Tai Hak at the tournament, which was, coincidentally, also Lok's dream. However, that night on the beach Don [the new captain of the team] tells Yat that he cannot compete in the upcoming fencing tournament. Furious, Yat and Don start to fight as Lam frantically watches them. They stop fighting as Lam, in tears, yells at Yat, telling him that she knows what he's trying to do and that he will never succeed because of the reasons behind his actions: "Winning this competition is not your's Lok's! You will never succeed, because this ambition doesn't belong to Au-Yeung Yat, but to Au-Yeung Lok! Only Lok can achieve this ambition; no one can do it for him". Yat then breaks down in tears and starts to melt down, finally freeing all the collected woe he's been hiding for days: "We delivered food together, went to school together, and got hit by Dad together...I miss you you much, Lok!" A heartbroken Lam then flings her arms around Yat and tells him that Lok doesn't want to see him this way, and that many people still care about him, including her. Don, watching the scene unfold, realizes the meaning behind Lam's words and now knows Lam's feelings toward Yat. He quietly walks away.

Tong/Don and Ching [Eddie and Natalie]:
You guessed it, Ching. They were at a restaurant nearby and she tries to comfort him, but he wanted to be alone, and was still mad about the Lam and Yat's incident, so tells her to go away. Ching, doing as he said, left, but had forgotten her camera on the table. Tong/Don looks through it and finds tons of pictures of him in it. Tong/Don, out of nowhere, said that he wanted to try something new, and the two start their little relationship. As Tong/Don had his share of love, his little sidekick Lung [Sam Chan], didn'tmiss out either!

Lung and Man [Sam and Elaine]:
It was love at first sight for innocent Man Man when she first saw Lung. She kept it to herself and lucky for gullible Man Man, one day, during a traditional school event where a girl and a guy are drawn to share a date, Man Man had gotten the piece of paper with a heart on it, which mean that she was the girl. Tong/Don was the guy that had it, but wasn't into her so he gives it to his little sidekick, Lung, whom had taken his place in the date. Man Man, worried that her nerdy looks would scare Lung away, lets her good friends give her a makeover and the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. After she lost her geeky glasses and ugly clothes, she surprised Lung and they ended up having a fun day together. After the date, Man Man returned to her old self again and poor Lung, now confused about his feelings towards her, is trying to avoid her, since his good looks, to him, was meant to attract pretty girls. This ticks her off until the trip to Sai Pan helped them get together again when Lung had apologized under a coconut tree. Why were they even at the coconut tree you ask? Well, because of Man Man's cruel friends, Lam, 13 Mui, Ching, and Dai Jek Miu, who had lied to Man and told her that if you make a wish under this special coconut tree, your wish will come true. Man Man, being the innocent and dumb one, believes them and went to the coconut tree. Lung had overheard, and being as stupid as her, he too went along, but fortunately, their stupid minds had helped them get back together.

Dai Jek Miu and Fei Cheung [Renee and Markus]:
This is the love story that will crack everyone up. These two are food-loving people and they got together because of it. They met at the school BBQ and started there. Cheung and Dai Jek Miu had baked cakes together and they would decorate it together as well. That's pretty much it.

13 Mui and Tai Hak [Kelly and Zac]:
This one is simple. They met at the end, probably after the tournament between Tai Hak and the guys at Shung Ngai Academy, and supposedly got together there. It didn't tell much, but 13 Mui did say that Tai Hak is her last love, after the other 13 loves that she had.

Mr. Sword and Ms. Cheng [Edmond and Eileen]:
A third person, an obstacle, blah blah blah. Pretty much the basic love story.Mr. Sword has a crush on Ms. Cheng, but there was a third person, Mr. Kwan. At Sai Pan, Ms. Cheng spends a lot of time with Mr. Sword and develops feelings for him. She chooses him instead of Mr. Kwan because she thinks that Mr. Sword makes her feel safer and etc. At the end, they get married and lived happily ever after...


After watching this series, to me, the best actor has got to be Chris Lai. He is the only person in the whole group, including Edmond and Eileen, that attended an acting school. He portrayed his role well and you can pretty much describe his character without reading any reviews. Personally, I liked Sam Chan, but I have to say Chris Lai's performance was good, but there is still room for improvement.

The actresses were all OK, but my favorite, and the best actress, would be Elaine Yiu. I know there are a lot of people that liked Race the most, but I thought her performance was OK. She didn't portray her role very well and her character seemed more whiney and unreasonable than her character should be. She didn't show her strong-headed character and didn't grasp her role. Elaine, on the other hand, illustrated her character's personality better than any other actress. One thing that bugged me was how she was all shy and timid with her glasses on, but then she turned more, confident without them.

I have to say Sam Chan and Elaine Yiu. They were so cute when they were in scenes together and their storyline was so sweet and loving. Sam's character was so sweet to her and they looked nice on-screen.

Favorite Scenes
1. My #1 favorite scene was when Chris, Race, and Eddie were all at the beach after Don Li had died. It was the most touching scene in the whole series. That scene made me cry and Chris did a great job with it. Race, surprisingly, performed very well, even excellent I guess. It was just so sad.
2. All the scenes with Sam Chan and Elaine Yiu in it. I thought they had perfect chemistry onscreen and they were just so fun to watch. I enjoyed their little love story. If only the series was longer...
3. The part where Sam, Eddie, Don, and Chris all worked together to get back to the finish line at the Ironman Race. It was really sweet and touching. 4. I liked to see all the girls together in one scene and the guys in another. Like, the girls all have their little chit-chat while the guys just chill and hang out. I thought it was really nice how the writer wrote about the girls' friendship. Really nice...

If you like to watch some light-hearted comedy, but with some twists, then you would like to check this out. I mean, if you can handle "Good Against Evil" and "Aqua Heroes", then you can handle this series. I would watch it again, but it depends on you people.


Heart of Fencing
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