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Riches and Stitches
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Riches and Stitches (30 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square


Main Characters:
Moses Chan, Kong Wah, Anne Heung, Melissa Ng, Gigi Lai, Michael Tang, Marco Ngai

What, when, where and who
The story sets in the early 20's, and it involves 5 main characters... Moses Chan is a typical tailor who has a talent and special interest for clothes. He made his first "Qi Pao" for his dream girl Anne Heung, who formally was a princess of the Ching dynasty. Kong Wah is a business man, who is also a triad member, owner of a night club, he and Moses became friends, and suggested him to make Qi Pao for the top dancer (Melissa Ng) in the night club. Soon later, Moses' Qi Pao was really popular, and his business begin to grow. Moses and Anne also falling love with each other... But, things don't just happen so smoothly, Moses' brother Michael Tang always give him lots of troubles. Moses was almost beaten to death because of him... Meanwhile, Gigi Lai (also a dancer for the night club) falling in love with Moses, she was willing to give up everything for him, and do anything for him when he slowly lose his eyesight. Kong Wah, at the other hand, is also madly in love with Anne... The four of them stuck in the love circle, as a result, every one sacrificed deeply...

The story has a lot of complicated love stories, which made the series very tragic, and enjoyable. I will be explain each of the love circle (see below) for you guys, so that you can understand the series better...

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Story summary and episode guide


- Moses and Anne
Moses falls in love with Anne when the first time he saw her, it was love at first sight. Then, the two became friends, they began to know each other very well, and help each other when difficulties came. Later, they are in love with each other... However, things begin to change as Kong Wah falls in love with Anne, and Gigi falls for Moses. Plus, Moses got a little crazy after he was almost beaten to death. And, he is loosing his eyesight, he knew he can not give Anne happiness, so the only thing he could do is to ask Kong Wah to take care of her... You might hate Moses for the things he did to Anne, does hurting someone you love will truly give that person happiness?

- Michael and Gigi
Michael is the "lady's man" and also has a "flower heart" , he can easily get any girl's heart. The relationship between him and Gigi is very short as he betrayed her by having an affair with Melissa.

- Kong Wah and Melissa
When the danger comes, they won't think about each other, this is why you can't say they actually loved each other. They are both selfish, both too proud about themselves, they are two different person from two different world... As Kong Wah said: "In the business show, we are best partners; in the relationship, we are best friends; but as for love, we are not a couple."

- Kong Wah and Anne
Melissa once said to Kong Wah, "What kind of woman you never met before? And, that woman is not only pretty and smart, the most important thing was that she is already in love with someone else. But, that someone else can never be as rich as you, don't you feel worthless?" Kong Wah told her, "Sometimes people needs to fool themselves, even though it is hopeless to win her heart, but that will make it more interesting..." Anne is that woman Kong Wah falls in love with, she is the only woman can say "NO" to him, she is the only one rejects all his help. Kong Wah is a very proud man, he is surprised by Anne, who keeps against him. No one dared to do that to him, which made him madly falling in love with this woman. Also, Anne reminds him too much of his first lover, this made him even more in love with Anne. He loved her too much that he is willing to change and sacrificed everything for her. Kong Wah once asked Anne, "In this world, you are the person understand me the most, if it wasn't for Moses, will you ever consider me?" But, the answer is basically a no, Anne never ever loved Kong Wah, even after they got together. Anne's heart still belongs to Moses...

- Moses and Gigi
Moses treats Gigi like a sister, he takes care of her when she is alone, he helps her when she is sad. Gigi slowly falling in love with him, however, she knows Moses only loves Anne... All Gigi wishes is to help Moses and Anne can be happily ever after. When Moses slowly lost his sight, he begs Gigi to help him by lying to Anne. The two pretend to be together, so that Anne could leave him. Gigi is willing to do anything for him, including abandon the stage shows, and lose her life... She once said, "If you found the true love in your life, you are willing to lose everything for him..." Moses didn't realize he loves Gigi until she died, but everything is too late...

- Marco and Melissa
When Melissa is not able to dance again, when her fame all the sudden gone nowhere, at this time, she needed a man the most, and Marco was there... However, Marco only wants to use her... I think Marco did love her, but he loved himself a lot more... As for Melissa, who finally found her true love and willing to do anything for Marco, but the man she loves is a cruel villain...


- Dislike Factor
Moses Chan and Anne Heung's love story

This love story is really the main focus of the series, but it is the most dragging as well... their happiness is build on two people's sacrifice... You will hate Anne after she agreed to marry Kong Wah, but she went to Moses and told him, "you are the only person can give me happiness." Soon after that, you will hate her when she told Kong Wah she is willing to go through any difficulties together. You will hate her the way she blames Kong Wah for Gigi's death. You will hate her for going back and forth in her love life. You will realize she never loved Kong Wah, you will hate her for hurting Kong Wah, you will dislike the fact that she is also selfish, and didn't think about Kong Wah's feelings. You will hate her for not thinking about Gigi's feelings as well. You will just hope Kong Wah realizes that as well, so that he can give up hoping... You will feel the same way as I feel when I write this paragraph... Giving someone hope, and then take it away all the sudden is not the thing we should do...


- Love Factor / Pity Factor
Gigi Lai and Kong Wah
These two capture the audiences' heart from the beginning to the end. They both deliver wonderful performances, and their characters will stay in your heart forever...

You will feel pity for the both of them as they sacrifice so much for the ones they loved. You will feel that Gigi loves Moses more than Anne does, and Kong Wah loves Anne more than Moses does...

You will feel bad for Gigi as she gives up everything for Moses, such as leaving her beloved stage performances, her fame and integrity, even begging Kong Wah to give up Anne for Moses, but Moses only uses her to break up with Anne. When Moses truly realizes he can not live without Anne, what can Gigi do? She still supports him, and helping him with all she could, including sacrifice her life... Before her death, she put Anne and Moses' hands together...

You will feel bad for Kong Wah as Anne keeps reminding him that they are impossible to be together. However, Kong Wah still uses lots of his time and energy to help her, and makes her happy, he even leaves the triad business because of her, he goes to the English lesson because of her... After Kong Wah left the triad business, there is a tradition that he has to go through a "death bridge", where all the triad members will use sword to hurt him... this is when Anne finally accepts him, but you will soon realize she is only thanking him, not truly loving him...

Melissa Ng
You might hate her at the beginning, because she is too proud of herself, and she is a very selfish woman. You will dislike her when she only thinks about herself when the danger comes. She doesn't know what is love, because she can't even wait for one more minute for Kong Wah. Such a selfish woman like her doesn't deserve true love... However, when she finally knows how to love, when she finally knows how to sacrifice for her true love, when she finally willing to do anything for her true love, when she changed to a better person, when she wasn't selfish anymore, you will begin to pity her, because her sacrifice is so worthless as her true love doesn't even know how to love her... Her death is pitiful as her lover killed her...

Michael's death
Blame Marco for this tragic scene as he cruelly beaten Michael to death... Marco said to him, "The biggest mistake you made in your life is that, you always have affairs with married woman..." True, Michael did make lots of mistakes, and always gives his brother big troubles. Michael always has affairs with married woman, because he thinks he can get more fame and more money by doing so... But, he changed all that as he realizes he was wrong, however, everything is too late... At the moment of his death, he regretted for all the troubles he brings to Moses, he felt sorry as he could not help Moses to fulfill his dream...


- How Come Factor
The changes of Marco
Marco is a handsome young man, a poor country guy, a hard worker, but how did he became the villain after all? How did he became so cruel, and so cold blooded that all the audiences will hate him? Thanks for the performances of Marco, and the creative skills of the story teller, who made all these possible... At the beginning, Marco works so hard for his ideas, which helped Kong Wah's business, but all these seem not so valuable as Michael Tang became so popular. Later, Marco's lottery idea was abandoned by Kong Wah, this is the main turning point as he becoming bad. "I am the boss", this is what Marco truly wanted. Then, Marco and Melissa got together, however love wasn't strong enough for him to turn good, instead he became worse and worse... When Kong Wah chooses someone else to take care of his business instead of using Marco, Marco finally expressed his jealousy and became the big villain.


- Best Scenes
1. When Kong Wah saw Anne and Moses are together, he was so jealous that you just know that he is already madly in love with Anne, you will feel pity for him... His performances were great!
2. When Kong Wah hugged Anne for the first time, he was worried about her safety... Anne realized he is in love with her, and Moses saw the whole thing... this is when trouble begins...
3. When Gigi told the reporters about her true life, it was a great scene, Gigi cried really well as she spoke to the public, great performances.
4. When Moses and Gigi pretend to be together, and he and Anne broke up... Then Moses called Kong Wah and hinted him to take care of Anne. At the moment, every single one sacrifice so much for their true love, but why does true love has to be that difficult?
5. During the wedding of Moses and Gigi, Kong Wah asked Anne, "Will you marry me?" (In English), and she said, "No!" Kong Wah then says, "I will wait for you..." This scene is really special and sweet as you will feel bad for Kong Wah.
6. At the scene where Kong Wah is being cut by the triad members, he had to go through that in order to leave the triad business. After he went through, he was hurt so bad, and Anne was there and saw the whole thing, she cried for him, and he asked her in English once again, "Will you marry me?" This is the most touching proposal you will ever see!
7. After Melissa knows the man she loves is a villain, who only uses her... her heart broke, she despairs and she began to fear Marco... Melissa did really good in these scenes, and you just know something will happen to her...


- The Performances
The best actor award goes to Kong Wah, and best actress award goes to Gigi. Most outstanding performance goes to Moses while he was crazy. Most valuable performance goes to Melissa as she learns the power of true love. Anne and Michael have the most improved performances. And, for Marco, he deserves the best villain! I think every single cast in this series did an outstanding job... sometimes, the story might seem a little dragging, but watching these casts perform make the audiences want to watch more and more...

- The Storyline
I don't know if I love the storyline or not, because it is sometimes dragging. There are too many love stories involved, and they are complicated and twisted, which make the audiences feel tired sometimes... However, the performances will keep you going, basically, the performances shine the entire series.

- Worth Watching?
If you still don't know whether or not to watch this series after you read my review above, then read this paragraph... Is the series worth watching overall? Yes, for those of you enjoy watching love stories, complicated love stories. For the rest of you, you might find the series little dragging, and sometimes it might upset you, you just need to remind yourself, "love is a selfish thing."



Riches and Stitches
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