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A Step Into the Past
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A Step into the Past (40 Episodes)

[viet name: THOI DAI CHIEN QUOC]

* reviewed by TVB Square


Louis Koo, Kong Wah, Jessica Hsuan, Sonjia Kwok, Raymond Lam


What, When & Where

The story takes part in the first dynasty of China: the Qin Dynasty. It's about how the main character travels back to the past and try to make history the way it was.



Basically, the story is about Louis, who travels back to the past and takes some pictures of the first emperor, but something went wrong with the time machine, he ends up three years earlier than the king takes place. Louis has to find the king so that he can go back to the future, but later he finds out the king is dead. Louis then uses Raymond to be the fake king, and helps him to get the power. Meanwhile, Louis encountered many different people as well as many girls: Jessica, Michelle, Sonjia and Joyce. As the story goes on, Raymond becomes crueler and crueler everyday, and Louis realized he has to leave him soon


To read the episode summaries of the story, please check out the official TVB site.




Hate Factor

Kong Wah of course, you will hate him for what he did to Jessica, but you will also pity him for the way he died.


The king towards the end, he is really cruel and evil! Hated the way he killed the baby!


Ok, the king's mother is really stupid; you just want to bit her up sometimes!


Love Factor

Louis, he did a really good job here, very funny and smart. His relationship with any girl is very romantic, especially with Jessica and Sonjia.


I enjoy the entire storyline; I think the writer did an awesome job in some way, not all the way. (You will know what I am talking about below)


Pity Factor

Maybe Michelle, I don't really care too much about her character because of her performances and all that, but the way she died was kinda sad...


How Come Factor

There are certain things I don't get, or perhaps, the writer just forgets it.


How come when Michelle died, they did not show how Jessica feels? I mean, Jessica is Michelle's best friend, am I right?

Home come some of the characters just appear in certain episodes, and suddenly disappear? For example, Jessica appears in the beginning a lot, but then she left home, and you don't see her again until later when she meets up with Joyce. It is kind of weird, because Jessica seems to have a small role, maybe even smaller than Sonjia.





Louis Koo



Louis Koo's character



Louis and Jessica, being such big fan of the both, I have to vote for them, it feels great to see them together. It feels even greater to see them ending up TOGETHER (not like DIF 4, huh!)



The second episode Louis has this really funny encounter with two really old couple. He stays in their house for one night, and that's when he learned many things about the ancient time. Really funny!


The final two episodes, I think the best thing about this series is how they end it. The last two episodes is really awesome and interesting, especially towards the end, when the king tries to kill Louis and all that.


Jessica and Sonjia's talk is a very funny part. Jessica and Louis got back together to the Qin country, that's when Jessica first met Sonjia, so she feels really jealous, but Sonjia just so happy to know Jessica and Louis were ok. She helps Jessica to not feel jealous again, very funny part!



Least Favorites





1. The Kings mother

2. Kong Wah's character

3. The king sometimes, especially towards the end



Louis and Michelle



Dont have one!



Most Dramatic Scene

Kong Wah was holding Jessica as a hostage, and he tells Louis that the women who loved him all have sad endings. That's when Kong Wah told Louis that he killed the Princess and Jessica was rapped.



Worth Watching?

Very entertaining series, you will enjoy it very much.


Rating: A Step Into the Past
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