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Seed of Hope
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Seed of Hope (30 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square


Main Characters:
Kenix Kwok, Patrick Tam, Anne Heung, Wayne Lai

What, when, where and who
This is a very educational, and a very touching series about a group of children, who is lack of their parents' care, and got transfer to the "Home of Children". Kenix Kwok plays a social worker, who works in Home of Children, and take care those children as well as solving their problems. Patrick Tam was born in a rich family, which runs billion dollar company, his father always wishes him to run the business, however, Patrick was not happy at all. At one instance, Patrick was guilty of doing a small crime, so the court ordered him to do certain hours of social work. Therefore, Patrick was transferred to Home of Children, and at there, he met Kenix...

Meanwhile, Anne Heung is Patrick's girlfriend, however, the two do not seem to bond as Patrick slowly changed his attitude towards life. Kenix's boyfriend also break up with her because of many misunderstandings. As Patrick and Kenix helped more and more kids, the two begin to build strong chemistry together...


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- Love Factor
Patrick Tam
I am not a Patrick fan, and I think I will never become a Patrick fan, however, I have to admit the fact that I did like Patrick's effort in this series, and I am in fact, loving his character. Patrick's character has a very good background, his family is rich, and he is well educated, however he is not happy because of all this, as he entered the Home of Children, he sees a whole new world, which is fulfilled with love and care... Patrick finally felt happy with his life, and slowly falling love with a special woman, Kenix. I like this character very much because he is not the normal rich person we see in TVB dramas, he is very down-to-earth, and very kind, it is hard to believe a rich guy can be that good... Patrick's performances were very outstanding as well, it has been a while I have not see him act, so it is great to welcome him back!

The Story
This series is not only about children, it has a lot of lessons for the adults, as for the parents, and the business person. The story is little bit slow at sometimes, however, it gets better and better towards the end, and there are lots things happened one after another. I especially like the business part of this series, Patrick's father is a very strict person, however, he is so smart, that no one can ever fool him, it is very exciting to see how he fights the people who against him...


Best Scenes
1. The many scenes between the children and the adults, it is very touching to see how their problems got solved... this might drives you to become a social worker ~.~
2. Wayne Lai's part, even though this character is not good, but I enjoyed Wayne's performances
3. When Kenix's eyes got hurt, that was the first time Patrick told Kenix about his feelings toward her, it was a very touching moment, I was little surprised he told Kenix he likes her...


- The Performances
Kenix is still a normal Kenix, her character is very similar to all the other characters she played before, so it was nothing special on her part. Patrick is very refreshing to see, and all of you will like his character very much. There are also other characters, who give very good performances, I am not talking about those children, I am talking about Anne Heung and Wayne Lai, those two characters are not very good ones, they both greedy, and always think they can be better than anyone else. I don't like the characters, but I did like both Anne and Wayne's performances. I think Anne is very good at playing greedy woman, I was surprised to see her improvements. Wayne Lai is always my favorite supporting actor, his villain role was very well performed

- The Storyline
Like I said, this series is very educational, and well presented, the storyline is very touching, and teaches many valuable lessons to all ages of people. I especially love the story towards the end, as it is getting more and more exciting and touching... The story as a whole is very enjoyable

- Worth Watching?
Yes, I believe all of you should give this series a try, not only you will get little more educated, you will also enjoy the process of the story...



Seed of Hope
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