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Point of No Return
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Point of No Return (30 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Damian Lau, Angie Chiu, Chilam Cheung, Charmaine Sheh, Belinda Hamnett, Sammual Chan, Kevin Cheung

What, when, where and who
The story happens in the 1920's, a large family runs a business of Kwong Wan Ship. Damian is the head of the family, who spent his lifetime for the family business, as well as teaching Chilam (Damian's son). Damian and Angie were in love, but Angie was only a servant, because of the family business, Damian had to marry another rich family's daughter Lee Tak Yung (played by Lui San), however, Angie still helps Damian with the family business, the two had an affair. Lui San hates Angie, and she uses all sorts of "strategies" to let Damian leaves Angie. But, the strong love relationship between Damian and Angie didn't fall apart, as the result, Angie becomes Damian's second wife..

As for Chilam, he was a very childish rich boy, who always waste a lot of money, and playing tricks with his classmates. Charmaine is a poor girl, who always against Chilam, the two keeps playing tricks on each other, until Chilam falls in love with Charmaine. The two began to date, however, Charmaine realizes how difficult Chilam's family is, and she knew their relationship could not last. At the time, Charmaine met a doctor Sammual, who can give Charmaine everything she dreams for. However, Chilam still didn't want to give up, meanwhile, a rich girl Belinda is madly in love with Chilam, who keeps comfort him after his break up with Charmaine...


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- Dislike Factor
The third uncle
This guy always have something to say, but always does nothing. He is the one always say bad things behind you, and does bad things against you indirectly.

Damian's first wife Lui San
This woman always say she does not want to share her husband, neither his son. She feels Angie took everything from her, so she hates Angie. Then, she uses all sorts of strategies to let Damian leaves Angie, she even uses her brother's power to let Damian lost his business! She thinks when Damian lost everything, he will go back to her, what kind of idea is that? What kind of wife is that? I don't understand why she keeps against Damian, isn't he the only man she loves? No wonder Damian never loves her! Later, after Damian died, she keeps again sting Angie for teaching Chilam, she is also the one responsible for the break ups between Chilam and Charmaine... what kind of mother is that?

The Grandpa and Grandma
The two old people, who really doesn't understand anything, and keeps saying everything... I hate it when they yelling at Angie, or say something they have no clue of doing. The grandpa's voice is too loud, and speaks too slow, the grandma walks too funny.. this two has no point of being in this series, totally annoying!

The performances of Angie Chiu
Maybe because of the fact that she didn't act for so long, so the acting seems strange. It was a major disappointment of the series, I can not stand the way she acts!


- Love Factor
Chilam Cheung
Chilam's character is very childish, at the beginning, he likes to playing tricks and wasting money, then he falls in love with Charmaine, but still keeps wasting money even though he always promise he will change. Then, Charmaine breaks up with him and falling in love with Sammual, Chilam is still being childish, and wishing Charmaine can come back to him... It wasn't until very late, his character changes all the sudden, and became the successful business man. I have trouble liking his character, but I really love Chilam's performances. Especially everytime he cries, everytime his heart broke, and everytime he wishes Charmaine can come back to him... As the audiences, you will appreciate Chilam's deep love for Charmaine. I think Chilam's crying skills had a huge approve, those tears.. make my heart broke... Chilam.. don't cry...

Damian Lau
This character is the shinning star of Point of No Return. Damian's wonderful performances will make the audiences never forget about him, but, he dies in episode 17, what a pity! After that, the whole series falls apart, which makes you miss Damian even more! Damian's character is a very responsible business man, an awesome father, and a handsome man. He works so hard to protect his family business, and teaching Chilam to be a better man. Damian's performances were the best, you can totally walk into his shoes and feels what he feels. This is what you called, the performance of the year!


- Pity Factor
As Charmaine breaks up with him, Chilam was totally a different person. His love for Charmaine was so strong, but he has to give it up as he learns the fact Charmaine is in love with someone else... How can this be? All the sudden, Charmaine is going to marry someone else, all the sudden, Chilam has no hope, all the sudden, Charmaine might leave him forever and ever. As a man, he did all he could, including kneeling in front of Charmaine, begging her to come back, but as the result, Charmaine still left him. Million times of heart breaks, million times of crying hard, Chilam had to give up, there was nothing he could do to win Charmaine back... not until the end... I pity Chilam when he does everything to win Charmaine back, he is such a great guy, just a little childish.. but it was so sad to see all his hope went away all the sudden.. poor Chilam, why can't Charmaine give him one single chance? But, if Charmaine did give him a chance, what can Sammul do? He is also madly in love with Charmaine, and he can give Charmaine everything she dreams of... I was not mad at Charmaine's choice, but i still pity for Chilam...


- How Come Factor
The Disappointments - After Episode 17
I don't know if you can count Damian as the lead actor, since he dies in episode 17... However, his performances were so good, which made every audiences love the character. But, for some reason, the story just begin to drag and falls apart after Damian's death... It seems like two completely different story! There were even sometimes, you begin to wonder, what is the point to watch this series without Damian's character? Even though Chilam and Charmaine's part was pretty cool to watch, but their love story also drags and changes... As for Angie, she becomes the main focus after episode 17, and I really can not stand her acting at all! She is a major disappointment... Also, the third uncle and Damian's first wife, those two are too mean, too evil, I just can not stand watching those two. Anyways, the story begins to drag A LOT after Damian died, and there are many scenes repeated way too much! They just talk about the same issue over and over again... so disappointed! This is what Chinese people called "tiger head, snake tail", which means a strong beginning but ends weakly... feels like the scriptwriter has giving up on the storyline

The "All the Sudden's"
After Damian's death, there are so many things happened all the sudden, it feels like the story is breaking up piece by piece, and there is no connection in between, the story just jumps from one part to another, and there is no transition what-so-ever! All the sudden, Chilam and Charmaine breaking up, all the sudden, Sammual appears and falls in love with Charmaine, all the sudden Charmaine is getting marry to Sammual, everything just happens to fast, if the scriptwriter can let Sammual appears little early, or making extra episodes to show there are major problems between Chilam and Charmaine, this might make the story work a little better, but the scriptwriter just want to make everything happens so rush!

Charmaine's Love Stories
I am not so sure when exactly did Charmaine falls in love with Chilam, it feels like she is still playing tricks with Chilam after realizing Chilam is in love with her, and all the sudden she was thinking about their future... but this was the ok part. I really don't get the part that she falls in love with Sammual all the sudden, isn't she deeply in love with Chilam? How come she changes so fast?! Also, she breaking up with Chilam by saying there is no future between the two, but, didn't Chilam kept working hard to fight for their future? The part, when Charmaine totally giving up on Chilam is when Chilam wants to go away with her, far away from home. Charmaine says he is too childish, but didn't she knew the fact that Chilam is childish? Later on, she marries Sammual, and cheats Chilam as a friend. How come she ignores everything between her and Chilam, and went away with Sammual? Then, Charmaine was sick, and she keeps yelling Chilam's name, this makes me wonder, is she still in love with Chilam? If so, why did she marry Sammual? Then, Sammual dies, and wishes her to find her true love, such an understanding husband, I guess he knew Chilam still loves Chilam. Anyways, Charmaine's love stories don't make too much sense, i don't understand the many changes in Charmaine's love life...

Best Scenes
1. Episode #3: Damian lost a boat, he was so hurt, because no one can help him, and he is afraid the family business will crush. At the moment, he was disappointed, sad and no one seems to understand him except Angie, who called him, and had an emotional conversation with him over the phone. That part, you can totally see the fact that Damian is an awesome actor...
2. Everytime Chilam begins to sing Opera.. I didn't know he can sing Opera.. it was really funny when he sings Opera..
3. Damian talks about how bad Chilam is, and he is yelling at the family members, for giving Chilam too much money to spent. He is afraid one day, Chilam will die poor if he is keeping spending money... Damian was begging the family members to give him the chance to teach Chilam... what a wonderful father!
4. After Charmaine was drunk, she was passed out, Chilam was taking care of her, and forcing her to wake up to study for the exam in the next day. It was so funny when Chilam tried many ways to wake Charmaine up, and review the exam with her... "A pen and a man"... so cute!
5. Episode #15: When Damian decided to cancel the wedding between him and Angie, this scene was really emotional as Damian told Angie he doesn't have much longer to live... Then Damian's father yelled at him for not understanding what Angie truly wants... this scene is very emotional..
6. Everytime Chilam see Charmaine with Sammual, he was jealous, he was sad, but there was nothing he could do... poor guy with a broken heart...


- The Performances
As I said above, Damian wins the best performance award as the fact that I will never forget everything he distributed. As for Chilam, I mainly madly in love with his crying scenes... Charmaine did not bad either, she also had couple emotional scenes, especially in episode 30, when she accepting Sammual's doctor award, when Chilam once again begging her coming back, it was a touching moment... I think Charmaine does very well in touching moments. Angie Chiu is the major disappointment for the performances, everyone else acted better than her, so I have nothing to say about her... As for the supporting people, Sammual's character is way too small, I don't know how to judge his performances. As for Belinda, she was ok, I don't like the way she talks...

- The Storyline
There are lots of good lines, and lots of bad lines. There are big touching moments and huge disappointments. As I told you guys, the story changes completely after episode 17, where Damian dies, the entire story just falls apart, it was disappointing, but the beginning was very good... There are a lot of weakness in the storyline, I wish the scriptwriter can put more effort into the story...

- Worth Watching?
I know I wrote a lot of complains, but I still think you should watch the series, watch the first half for Damian, watch the second half for Chilam and Charmaine. You might be disappointed at the storyline, but you will not disappointed at the performances (except Angie)



Point of No Return
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