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Survivor's Law
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Survivor's Law (25 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Lok Ban (Ben) -- Raymond Lam
Chung Ching Ling (Ling) -- Myolie Wu
Cheuk Wai Ming (Vincent) -- Sammul Chan
Cheung Si Ka (Jessica) -- Bernice Liu

What, when, where and who
This series talks about four new lawyers, Raymond, Myolie, Sammul and Bernice, who are also very good friends. They work together in various cases, and building their chemistry together. The four lawyers have their own personalities. Raymond is a very caring guy, who always put his family and friends at the number one spot. Myolie is very emotional, who fight for her own beliefs very strictly. Sammul is the ambitious one, who never believes in failure, and Bernice is a very nervous lawyer, who never believed in herself.

As the time goes by, the four lawyers encountered more and more challenges in their life, as well as in their cases. Raymond and Myolie building strong chemistry together, Sammul begin to learn there are failures in life, and Bernice, who finally can stand up to herself, and helping Sammul facing the difficulties together...


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- Love Factor
Raymond Lam
Raymond did an excellent job in this series, and makes the audiences love him very much. Raymond's character is very sweet, he will do anything to help his friends, his family and his love: Myolie. Because of his wonderful personality, sometimes it's easy for others to take advantages of him... However, Raymond still stands up for his beliefs, and willing to help the others, and never give up his friends... This character is very enjoyable to watch, not only because of his personality, also because of the fact that he is very funny.

Raymond's Love towards Myolie
You will appreciate all the things Raymond did for Myolie. Such as sewing the scarf and the bag for Myolie, that was really sweet. However, his love for Myolie is a little late, because Sammul wins her heart at the first. But Raymond is still there to support Myolie at all times... Later on, Myolie broke up with Sammul, and she finally realized that Raymond is the right guy for him... but at the same time, Raymond got a case, which will break his and her relationship harshly...


- How Come Factor
The cases
How come all the cases in this series are very very short? I was expecting some longer cases, but, there wasn't one. Don't give me wrong, this series is very interesting, but the cases are not as interesting as I expected.

Best Scenes
1. Raymond begins to learn how to sew, and he first sewed the bag for Myolie, then the scarf... the part when he sews, that was very funny...
2. When Raymond presents his case to the court. Due to his funny personality, his speech sometimes make me laugh very hard...


- The Performances
I think Raymond and Myolie did really good jobs in this series. Raymond is perfect for his role in this series, and his hair style, finally passed my judgment. Myolie plays a very straight forward girl, but sometimes she is too straight. Myolie did a good job for playing a strict type of personality, and she and Raymond is very match! I loved their chemistry together ~.~ As for Sammul, he improved so much! I remember the first time I saw him in a TVB series, that was in "Reaching Out", I hated him and listed him in my "worst performances" list, but now I might need to change my view for him, because he really worked hard to fit for his character. And the performances was not disappointing at all. Bernice is also pretty good, however this is the first time I saw her act, I don't know what I can say about her, but her character is very comfortable to watch...

- The Storyline
I enjoyed the storyline because of the chemistry between the four lawyers. However, some of the cases are little disappointment, but you might not care too much about those, because very soon after, they will move on the next case... I just wishing the scriptwriter can write better cases...

- Worth Watching?
It is a while I have not see a lawyer series, and this one did not disappoint me at all! I think you all should watch it, and I believe you will enjoyed as much, especially if you are one of the fan of the four lawyers. For the Raymond fans, this must be your favorite series of the year, because Raymond fits his role so well... For the people want to have a law degree, you might watch it too, but don't copy the same thing Sammul did...



Survivor's Law
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