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Find the Light
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Find the Light (20 episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters
Damian Lau Chung Yan, Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Shirley Yeung Sze Ki, Tavia Yeung Yi, Leila Tong Ling

Who, What and When & Where
The story sets in Qing Dynasty. It is about some young guys, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong, who has their ambitions. Ron wants to be a very good Kung Fu master, who protects the people. Bosco wants to be an official for the emperor, and wishing to change the government. The two young guys became the best friends while in school, and they work their way to achieve their goals. Damian is Ron's master, who teachers him the Kung Fu skills, Maggie is Ron's mother, who later on build a strong relationship with Damian. Ron meets Shirley Yeung, a Princess, the two falling in love, however, Shirley's father strongly against their relationship, but the two fight their way to be together. Tavia is Bosco's wife, but Bosco ignored her completely because he doesn't like arranged marriage. Tavia then pretends to be a servant to serve Bosco, the two begin to build their relationship, and Bosco finally realizes how important Tavia is to him.


The Characters
Due to the fact that this series has lots of new stars in it, and a lot of you might not know who they are, so I am going to write some comments about the main stars.

Ron Ng
I do like his character somehow, because of the way he matures. At the beginning, he just wants to beat everyone up, but his kung fu skills are not that great. Then Damian Lau became his mater, who teaches Ron the best kung fu skills, and also teaches him how to face challenges in life. Ron also meets Shirley, who against him at first, but later, the two building strong chemistry together. Both of them faced a lot of difficulties together, but they solved the problems as they begin to learn how important they meant to each other. Throughout the entire story, you get to see Ron gets more and more mature, and getting better and better at the kung fu skills... Ron as the actor, he didn't do so bad, since this is the first time I ever see him act, I didn't expect too much from him, but he didn't disappoint me at all...

Bosco Wong
At the beginning, I didn't get use to the way he act, and I also didn't like his character, because he left his wife just because he wants freedom. Later on, I learned he is a guy with lots of different ideas, who wants to change the country, change the people around him, which is a pretty good ambition. Later on, Bosco also found out his wife Tavia, who will do anything for him, the two finally became real husband and wife... Then, towards the end, he sacrificed a lot to achieve his ambition, which makes me liking his character as well. However, Bosco do need to work on a little bit of acting skills, sometimes he suppose to be serious, but he doesn't act as serious... but, I do believe he can do much better next time...

Shirley Yeung
This is the second series I saw her in. The first one was "In the Realm of Fancy", her performances in that series totally disappointed me, so I didn't expect anything from her in this series. However, she did improved a little, maybe because her character in "Find the Light" fits her more. I like her chemistry with Ron a lot, and I was actually felt surprised to see her little improvements. However, she still needs to work on the crying skills, I really hate the way she cries.

Tavia Yeung
You can't say she is new star, because she has lots of series before this one. Tavia plays a good wife of Bosco, who got ignored at first, but she never gave up, she even pretends to be a servant, so that she can see her husband everyday, what a wonderful woman! Tavia does her job just like before, nothing worse, nothing better. But, I do like her character, because of the way, she helps her husband...



The Story
This story is simple, sometimes typical, which is very easy for the audiences to predict what will happen next. At the beginning, things do happen little slow, and little boring, but the story do pick up once an often throughout the whole series. There are lots of scenes I enjoyed a lot, including some fighting scenes, emotional scenes, etc. However, the storyline do have some errors, because sometimes, it just jump to something all the sudden, and makes the audiences wonder: wasn't there suppose to be something in between this scene and that scene? But, overall, the storyline is not so bad, it got all the elements a Kung Fu series should have. When the story picks up, you will enjoy a lot from it, when the story goes down, it will picks up soon right after...

Worth Watching?
Yes... if you want to see some new faces, some kung fu scenes. You will not be too disappointed, but I do suggest you to watch the series continuously, because if you stop watching while the series is slow, you might not want to pick up later and continue watching it. But, if you want it continuously, you will enjoy it much more.



Find the Light
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