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Legend of Love
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Legend of Love (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Deric Wan - Cowboy, Sonija Kwok - Fairy Zik Liu, Leila Tong -the Bird
, Stephen Au - God of Wealth

What, when, where and who
This is a love story between a normal cowboy and a fairy. How they met, falling in love, and their struggles towards the heaven, the family and a demon. Deric plays the normal guy, who grew up with his brother, who adopted him when he was young. They went through many difficulties together to survive in their farm. One day, he met Sonija, who is the granddaughter of the Heavenly Mother, she came to earth to find a perfect gift for her grandmother. Sonija and Deric falling love together, however their love was not approved by the Heaven rules, but their love is strong, doesn't matter what kind of difficulties they are facing, their love just gets stronger... Later, Deric reunited with his real father and mother, which makes Deric and Sonija's love even more difficult because Deric's mother doesn't like Sonija... Leila plays a bird fairy, who is a great friend of Sonija, she always helps her and Deric. Stephen is the god of wealth, who takes control of money. He originally doesn't have heart, once Leila found him a heart, everything changed, he became more and more evil...



- Dislike Factor
Deric's mother and the Heavenly Mother
Both two women refuse Deric and Sonija together, one keeps saying the heaven rules can not be broken, the other just hates Sonija for no reasons. This two always give Sonija and Deric problems, which makes the audiences very upset. However, they did change towards the end, which is acceptable...

The story
Well, the first 2 episodes are about how Deric and Sonija falling in love, In episode 3 until the 8th, Deric lost his memory, and Sonija tries so hard to regain his memory. After that, Stephen got his evil heart, then the story just changed all the sudden... later half of the story is all about how Stephen tries to break Deric and Sonija apart... Well, I didn't like the storyline whatsoever, feels like watching many different short stories, and they just jumps from one to another...

Deric's performances
I don't know what happen to his acting skills, his performances in this series is really disappointing from the beginning to the end, there is nothing he did that makes me appreciate his performances. Sorry to the Deric fans, I don't want you to be mad at me for complaining his performances, but I have to write this out...

- Love Factor
Stephen Au
Even though he is the major factor for the change of the storyline, but it is not his fault.. His performances in this series is not only wonderful, it is way super. At the beginning, he does not have any feelings, because originally he does not have heart. Then, he gets a heart, but that heart turned out to be evil, there is a good him and an evil him live within his heart, however, the evil one takes control, and he completely changed... Towards the end, he got his evil heart out, and changed back to good.... anyways, he is the character with the most interesting twists, and many changes...

Leila Tong
For some reasons, I begin to like her more and more, her acting skill gets better and better... in this series, she plays the bird, who falling love with Stephen, this love connection makes her sacrificed so many things, including her own heart.... how sweet... Even though you might dislike her when she betray Sonija because of her love for Stephen, but you will forgive her, because of her love, which makes Stephen back to a good guy

- How Come Factor
Uhhhh.... why they make this series?
This paragraph is about the ending and the entire series, and I will tell you right now, the ending totally sucks, it's totally meaningless, totally destroy the entire fairytale well, I guess this entire storyline destroyed the fairytale... but, anyways, I just want to complain about this series very much... because of the weakness of the story and the poor performances from the main character... I don't understand why TVB producers change our favorite fairytale... they tried so much to give us a happy ending, however, that just screw up everything!

Best Scenes
1. when Leila decides to gave her heart to Stephen, she asks Sonija to help her... such a sweet bird!
2. when Stephen became to good again, he finally remembers all the things Leila did for him, then when he sees her again, she already doesn't have a heart, and forgot about who he is, Stephen was really sad and apologize to her... but she doesn't know what he talking about... wonderful performances from both two, which makes this scene my favorite.


- The Performances
Finally, we get to see a good Sonija in an ancient series again... it seems so long that we hated her, because she sacrifices everyone else for herself and her love in both Where the Legend Begins and Perish in the Name of Love. In this series, she does the opposite, she sacrifices herself for her love, she learns how to be a human, learns how to love, which you will appreciate. The performances of her is not worse, but not better either, she still needs to work on her crying skills... Deric is a big disappointing factor, like I said, I felt nothing out from his character, sometimes, I even hated his character, because the way he acts, and the memory lost, twice! As for the supporting characters, both Stephen and Leila did great jobs, I really enjoyed their performances, especially in the ending episode, unforgettable...

- The Storyline
You see I list the storyline as the dislike factor, so I will not repeat myself, I am just telling you straight, this storyline sucked big time, I wish I can find out who the scrip writer is, and just throw a TV at him!

- Worth Watching?
Basically, NO. But, if you are a Stephen or a Leila fan, you can give a try, it might gets dragging sometimes, but you can fast-forward. To all the Deric fans, I am sorry I disappointed you, but it is better than you get disappointed on Deric... but, keep faith in him, he is still a great actor, it's just this role, which does not fit him. Sonija fans, you will be happy to see her back to good, you might not disappointed at her performances, so you can still watch this series. Tell you the truth, the ancient outfits look good on her



Legend of Love
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