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Fate Twisters
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Fate Twisters (22 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Lawrenence Ng Kai Wah, Ada Choi Siu Fan, Gigi Lai Chi, Eddie Kwan Lai Kit

What, when, where and who
This is a story about different people's goals, dreams and their ways to achieve their ambitions. However, different people have their different views of life, career, and love, in this story, we get to see the different characters' beliefs. Lawrenence is the illegitimate son of the rich man Ko Hung, who falling love with Ada (the normal house woman) deeply. Gigi Lai was the poor girl, who tries so hard to raise her position, and wants everyone respect her. Gigi tries everything she could to be the top one, including faking her relationship with Eddie Kwan (who is deeply in love with Gigi), and tries every single ways she could to break up the relationship between Lawrenence and Ada...


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- Dislike Factor
Gigi Lai
Gigi is actually really good at playing a bad girl, which makes the audiences hate the character very much. In this series, Gigi's ambition is to reach the top, and control everything, in order to do this, she sacrificed a lot, and planned a lot... As her plans failed one after another, she became worse and worse, because she doesn't want to give up everything she did, and she knows she will not fail again. From the beginning to the end, she makes everyone suffer, but at the end, she didn't get anything...

The big sister of Lawrenence
I don't care who this actress is, but please don't let me see her again, because I hate the way she acts! Plus, her character is so annoying, I hate the way she argues... just want her to shut up!

- Love Factor
Lawrenence Ng
I really like this character because of his love towards Ada. Their relationship are slowly built up throughout this entire series, because everytime Gigi wants to separate them, their love just growing stronger. Lawrenence also did a great job for playing this character, I totally loved the part where he told everybody that he will never give up Ada no matter what happens.

Best Scenes
1. Lawrenence holds Ada's hand, and tells his family, he will never give up Ada no matter what
2. Ada blames on Lawrenence for her daughter's sickness, Lawrenence looked so sad, and asking her forgiveness, however, they still broke up...


- The Performances
Let's talk about Eddie first, this is the first series he acted in TVB since "a thousand" years ago... and his performances were disappointing, very disappointing. It seems like he is disapproving after all these years of disappearance. He gives me a feeling that he tries very hard to act, which makes the acting worse, because of the emotions he makes were not promising at all. Gigi, in the other hand, is getting better and better for playing evil person... even though you will hate her character, but you will love her performances... those crying scenes were really good... Ada and Lawrenence had great chemistry once again, but I still like their chemistry in Healing Hands much better... I just can't stand the "little woman" character of Ada... Lawrenence gives the good performance this time, which makes you love his character a lot

- The Storyline
This is a simple storyline, which gets this simple review. The overall story was not too bad, it is also like a lesson, which talks about ambitions, fate and love. I think the storyline can be little more complex, maybe that way, I will enjoy it little more...

- Worth Watching?
Uhh.. for the Gigi and Lawrenence fans out there, you should watch it.. As for the Eddie fans, you might be little disappointed at his character, as well as the performances, but don't give up on Eddie, this is just a beginning...



Fate Twisters
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