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Greed Mask
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Greed Mask (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Roger Kwok Chun On, Christine Ng Wing Mei, Annie Man Chung Han, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Gilbert Lam Wai Sun, Cheung Wai Yee, Edmund So Chi Wai, Lo Koon Lan, Halina Tam Siu Wan, Lo Hoi Pang

What, when, where and who
I am not sure how to write this review without telling you the storyline, because if I tell you the storyline, you will blaming me for telling you too much...
but if I don't tell you anything, this page will be empty. Oh well... here is the big picture of the story: the story is like a big puzzle, which involves the death of Roger's father, and the murder who planned the whole set. There are many little cases, and there are lots of suspects, which link one another, and making the big puzzle more and more clear, until the puzzle finally got solved by Roger, Christine (Roger's girlfriend) and Annie. The relationships in this series are pretty interesting and complicated, but I can't tell you too much, the only things I can tell you is that, Roger and Christine are lovers, Annie has crush on Roger, and so is Halina, but who turned out to be really crazy...


- Dislike Factor
Christine Ng
I really like this series because of the storyline and Roger Kwok, but I will really love this series if they use someone else instead of Christine. The major reason is that Christine just can't act, I especially don't like the way she screams... I am just so not use to the way she acts, makes me feel that she is trying too much, but she couldn't do anything.

- Love Factor
Roger Kwok
Roger delivers very amazing performances in this series, especially the crying scenes, felt so touching and memorable. I loved his character as well, who has a very tough background, and the fact that he is supposedly "designed" (a tool) for the murder puzzle. His real identity has a very interesting twist, and makes his relationship with the others changed dramatically.

Annie Man
I love to see her and Roger together a lot more than watching Roger and Christine together. Annie and Roger always together solving puzzles, I just love the way they communicate with each other. Annie's hearing and speaking skills are not as normal as regular persons, she sometimes communicate with Roger with sign language, and Roger always takes care of her and helping her go through many difficulties, which makes Annie has serious crush on Roger...

The storyline
This entire series is just about one case, however, there are many links to the result of the case, which makes the entire storyline so interesting, and you just dying to know the result, so, this is the type of series that you will finish watching in just 2-3 days. There are lots of suspects, some of them are innocent, some of them are not. We might not realized who is really guilty, even though we do, it still takes time to figure out why and how they did it. Also, when we thought some case is over, but it is not, there is always someone else behind the whole thing, or someone else related to the whole thing. I think the English title "Greed Mask" fits this series perfectly, good title, hmm.. I wonder who named that English title...

- How Come Factor
Wayne Lai VS Halina Tam
You will not have a single clue about what I am saying in this paragraph if you did not finish watching Greed Mask, or at least till the end of episode 19 (yuck, the end of episode 19 totally creeps me out). So, skip this part if you want to... Anyways, I guess what I am trying to say here is that, I don't like the true identity of Wayne, because it really creeps me out, and hate the way he speaks in episode 20. I agree that Wayne and Halina are important keys in the story, because without him or her, this series just feel different, because I loved the part where Wayne lost his memory, and tries to find out who he really is, this is a very special twist in the storyline, and just totally makes sense, and totally shocking. However, the makeover just totally unbelievable! I don't think there is some technology that is so advanced, and can make someone looks so different! I guess you will feel pity for Halina, who took revenge in a totally different way, and totally creepy way... this is scary...

Best Scenes
1. Roger and Annie together solving cases, they are pretty good partners... Both of them are really smart, and together they are making good chemistry, even though they are not lovers
2. Roger and his mother reunion, o my god, that tears coming out from Roger's eyes, makes me heart break!
3. When Wayne reveals the true identity to Roger, and how he planned the revenge. It is creepy, but it is a good scene when Wayne felt from the building, and Roger wants to save him, but it was too late... pretty emotional
4. All the creepy moments, which makes you want to watch what happen next, and making you feeling surprise about the way the series is made.... and the sequences of the storyline...


- The Performances
All the true suspects are the most amazing factors in this series, because they all "wearing masks", you can not tell that they are the suspects because they pretend to be the nice ones. I think those people deliver very good performances, and making the audiences believe in them, then suspect them, then realized they are bad. Pretty much every single character is a suspect in this series, except Roger, his performances are very memorable... The only one screw up is Christine, as I told you, without her this series will be perfect, at least 95% perfect

- The Storyline
The storyline is almost perfect, I just think they need to work on the Wayne VS Halina part, that part is a little bit unbelievable, but I am not sure how they can rework that part if they have to. But, other than that, the story is really great, so interesting and everything just link each other perfectly.

- Worth Watching?
This series is very interesting, because you are trying to figure out who is the murder all the time, but even if you kind of know, you still have no idea why and how they did it, and also how they related to the entire story. You just need to keep watching and watching until you finally find out the result... Sometimes, the storyline really creeps you out, hmm.. don't watch it at night...



Greed Mask
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