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Better Halves
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Better Halves (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Chuen Ka Fook (Steven Ma Chun Wai)
Lin Pak Hap (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee)
Ko Fei (Moses Chan Ho)
Linghu Hei (Joyce Coi Ming Fai)
San Sheung Sheung (Cerina De Graca)
Ping On (Auguste Kwan Tak Fai)

What, when, where and who
This is the matchmakers' story, which sets in Tang Dynasty. Steven, Maggie plays the matchmakers, also called the Ice People, their job is to match people, and get them married. Joyce plays the head of the matchmakers, who dresses herself as a man, because the head can only be a man. Moses plays the kungfu master, also a great investigator, also who likes poems a lot, who helped Steven, Maggie and Joyce to solve some puzzles.

The love relationships are pretty cute in this series. Steven and Maggie started off as enemies, they always fight to get the business, then they realized they were suppose to marry each other, but Steven escaped the wedding because of some misunderstanding, then they began to do the matchmaker business together, and getting pretty success with it. After many difficulties and paring up many couples, Steven and Maggie began to have feelings for each other, then falling love... As for Moses, who treats his soul mate Joyce as a "brother", because he didn't know Joyce is a female. The two investigate many issues together, as Joyce falling love with Moses deeply, but she could not tell him that she is a woman. When Moses realized Joyce is his soul mate, he thought he falling love with a man, and very uncertain about the relationship until he finally found out that Joyce is a woman, and of course, they also falling in love...


Series Links
1. Episode summary and character intros from TVB official site (Chinese)
2. Better Halves:: The Matchmaking Survival Guide (English)



- Dislike Factor
Cerina De Graca
I think she is new, brand new, and usually the brand new actress always gives me the idea that they can not act. This applies to Cerina as well, sometime I just refuse to watch her closely, and see the actions she does. Her character is not annoying, but gives me a feeling that she is annoying sometimes. Especially the way she likes Steven, makes me mad a little.

- Love Factor
Steven Ma
To all the Steven fans, including me: this is a completely different Steven you are about to see, which gives the audiences very refreshing feelings for him. All the series Steven did before, is either really serious or really tragical, however in this one, his character is really cute, and really funny, and really interesting! I love the way he talks to Maggie. It just cracks me up everytime I see Steven walking around with his fan up high, and makes the noise against Maggie. So cute!

Moses Chan
This character is the serious one, he is good at kung fu, he is really good at investigation, and he is super good at poems! I just love the way Moses composes his poems, he looks so funny! This character is also unbelievably romantic, the major reason is because of his poems, of course, haha... He and Steven are best friends, and everytime they are together, just cracks me up, especially when Moses asked Steven about his sexuality, so funny!

Chemistry between Steven and Maggie
These two look GREAT together! I hope they can pair more often! They look cute together, the chemistry worked out really well, also shines the entire series! I just love to see them fighting each other, arguing each other, and loving each other. These two are so matched that they have the same thoughts, same ideas, same dialogues!

- How Come Factor
The Ending Once Again
Well, I was expecting a big wedding scene of the three couples as I saw in the themevideo, but I didn't see one! What is up with that? I mean, of course they got married, but the ending should about the wedding, and they can make fun in the wedding. Instead, the producer used their kids as the key for the ending! Ok, here goes the detail: they had their kids after one year of marriage, and everyone got what they wanted, Steven and Maggie got a twin. Then, all the sudden, seven years passed by, and the ending shows how the kids are so much alike their parents... it just don't feel right!

Best Scenes
1. Everytime Steven makes the "hmmm", "ah!", "o..." sound, or when he screams! There is a part that really cracks me up, that is when Maggie is about to have a baby, Steven screams for help, that just so cute!
2. Whenever Steven and Maggie together
3. Whenever Steven and Moses together
4. Everytime Moses composes his poems
5. Everytime Steven, Maggie, Moses and Joyce together solving problems, they have great ideas when they are together! Unbeatable!


- The Performances
As I said, you will expect a completely different Steven in this series because this is a new type of role for Steven, he fits the comedy role really well, I really wish he can have more comedy roles in the future. Maggie Cheung is really good as well, she is excellent at comedy roles since she has lots of those. As for Joyce, she is a great actress, great acting, and a perfect fit for the man style, I just didn't like her chemistry with Moses that much. I prefer the "man-look" of Joyce. Auguste Kwan plays a very childish uncle of Steven, his character is pretty small, but also enjoyable. The only disappointment is Cerina, as I said, she is new.

- The Storyline
Comparing to Colorful Life, I like the story in Colorful Life a little better. However, Better Halves has some investigation issues going on, which makes the series more interesting. Plus, the chemistry between Steven and Maggie is really awesome. There are little small stories within the entire series, which describe how Steven and Maggie paired up some couples, and the difficulties they had to go through.

- Worth Watching?
For the Steven fans, you have to make this series into your priority list, must see of the year. For Moses and Maggie fans, you will also enjoy this series really well, because the characters are really cute. For the people who does the matchmaking business, you must see it, you will get so much ideas from this series. I think this is worth watching, it is a really cute series.



Better Halves
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