Triumph in the Skies

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Tong Yik Sum (Sammual) - Francis Ng Chun Yu
Ling Wan Chi (Vincent) - Joe Ma Tak Chung
Lok Yi Shan (Belle) - Flora Chan Wai Shan
So Yee (Zoe) - Myolie Wu Hang Yee
Tong Yik Fung (Issac) - Ron Ng Cheuk Hai
Tung Hei Yan (Zita) - Michelle Ye Xuan
Man Ho Chung (Donnald) - Sammul Chan Kin Fung
Tse Lap Ho (Chris) - Bosco Wong Chung Chak
Ko Chi Wang (Roy) - Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming
Ling Cheuk Ji - Woo Ding Yan
Tung Ting - Rebecca Chan Sau Chu
Kam Chak Tai - Lok Ying Kwan
Ching Yat Tung - Tang Chi Fung
Bui Ka Lo - Louisa So Yuk Wah
Szeto Hin - Edmond So Chi Wai
Triumph in the Skies
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This is the first TVB series, which talks about the airline industry. The main male characters Francis Ng and Joe Ma are great friends, who are both pilots.

Francis and Flora Chan were madly in love as destiny pulls them together, however, a huge misunderstanding drove them apart. Then, Flora met Joe, who later became her husband. However, when the misunderstandings were revealed, Flora realizes she still madly in love with Francis, but both of them did not want to hurt Joe, so they had to hide their love deep down inside their heart. Meanwhile, Myolie Wu has a big crush on Francis, even though she is so much younger than Francis, she still wants to be his girlfriend. After a while, Francis finally accepted Myolie's love, and the two became a funny couple.

As for the supporting characters, there are the 4S: Ron Ng (Francis' brother), Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, and Kenneth Ma. The four characters, as well as Michelle Yip, who all joined the airline force, and all went through difficult training to became a pilot. Ron and Michelle has feelings towards each other, however, Sammual keeps hitting on Michelle, and Michelle chooses Sammul because she was touched by all the things Sammual did for her...


- Love Factor
Francis Ng
The number one reason for all of you to watch this series is because of Francis Ng, who contributes wonderful performances throughout the entire series, if it wasn't for him, I believe this series will not be as attractive as it is. As a "movie king" of Asia, Francis proved to the audiences that he is the best. Francis brings his character Sam alive, which make the audiences falling love with the character. Sam has a great career, he is a professional pilot, who also trains the next generation the knowledge of airplane. He is devoted to his career, but he is not very smart about his love life. The misunderstanding between him and Flora made him even weaker, then it comes Myolie, who loves him very much. But at the beginning, Francis was afraid of the age difference, so he rejected her love, but later on, Francis' career went to the bottom because of his eyes-illness, at the time, Myolie was the one supported him. As Francis finally accepted her, the two faced many challenges and difficulties together...

Myolie Wu
You might not like this character at the beginning. You might think she is annoying, you might dislike the fact that she helps other people too much. However, you will slowly realize how good this character is, and you will appreciate her warm heart, and you will touched by her love towards Francis. Therefore, you will start to like Myolie if you are not her fan yet. I really touched by her performances during that last few episodes, I think she did a great job for this loving character

The Love Relations between Francis and Myolie
At the beginning, you will not support this couple, the number one reason is the age difference. However, as you watch the series more and more, you will love their chemistry because of the age difference. I especially love the very last few episodes when Myolie got sick, Francis was there to support her, but their hope was very little, at this time, this couple had to face a lot of difficulties together, and fight the disease together. It was so touching, and you will realize this couple is your favorite couple...

- Pity Factor
Joe Ma's death
Joe had a little conflicts about his love life with Flora, he was always question where her true heart belongs to. However, right after he finally realized there is destiny between Flora and him, he died... it was very hard to accept the fact that his character died

- How Come Factor
The age difference between Francis Ng and his father
Perhaps, they need to find an older actor? But, I do like this two sharing scenes together, I just have to keep remind myself that they are father and son, not brothers...


1. Everything happened in the very first episode! This is a very good opening for the series. The whole episode just attracted me from the very beginning, including the themesong to the end. The beautiful scenes, and the romantic relationship between Francis and Flora, "love at first sight". All these will make you addicted to the storyline and wanting to watch the next episode in a hurry!
2. Everytime Francis Ng begins to speak in English! His English is horrible, but so funny to hear him speaking English.. so cute! There is one scene, where he was reading his poem, "An Airplane, I am an Airplane, now right up in the sky, never so high..." that part is so funny!
3. Everytime you see Francis Ng and Ron Ng sharing scenes together, this two are so fun to watch... at the beginning, Ron as Francis' "uncle", and Francis as Ron's "nephew", they way they call each other is so funny. Later on, Ron cook some good for Francis because he wants to take care of his "nephew" Francis, however, Francis already knew the fact that he is Ron's older brother, it was funny to see Francis' reactions...
4. When Francis' family were playing the dancing video game, Francis' dad is playing saxophone, and Francis is playing his Chinese violin, everyone was laughing so hard, including me!
5. When the students begin to learn how to fly, it was very exciting to see each one of them learn the flying skills, which make me want to be a pilot as well!
6. Myolie's imaginations, it is so funny when she talks about the story of the Japanese chocolate, she images the main character as Francis... you will laugh very hard as Francis acting as a Japanese man
7. When Eason Chan shows up in the airport, Francis chased him and asked for his autograph, that was a very funny
8. Joe's Death, episode 30, this episode is so emotional as Vincent died because of a terrible accident. Francis did a great acting job when he learned the fact that his best friend has passed away, Francis' performances were so great, which made this episode very emotional...
9. Joe's phone message, which talks about the true destiny between him and Flora, which was really emotional, and after that, Flora gets crazy...
10. When Flora went crazy, her performances were great and emotional, and really crazy, but very sad, which made the audiences felt pity for her, and wondering how to yell at the scriptwriter for killing Joe
11. When Myolie's heart became worse and worse, Francis was with her all the time to support her, there are so many touching moments of the this couple, who tried their best to fight this difficult task. There is one scene I especially like, which is when Myolie wants to get out of hospital because she says she doesn't have much more time to live. Francis got so emotional, and asked her to share their time together, he was saying, "your time is my time..." such a great performances by both of them in that scene...


- The Performances
As I said above, Francis Ng gives the best performances in the show. His eyes are very attractive, which bring his performances to a higher level. I especially love his crying scenes, so touching... As for Joe, his part was not very major in this series, I am not sure how to judge his performances since Francis just took over the whole show. Flora's part was not bad, but she cries way too much, and she tries too much when she cries, you can tell the fact that she is "squeezing" her tears... I especially like Myolie's performances, especially towards the end... As for the younger stars, I absolutely HATE Michelle Yip's performances, this series was filmed few years ago, no wonder Michelle's performances were very very poor. Comparing to her recent performances, I am happy the fact that she is improving. Ron Ng as Francis' brother, I like this two's chemistry very much, however Ron's performances still needs to develop. Bosco, Sammul and Kenneth's part are too small, but I like the "S4" chemistry very much...

- The Characters
My favorite character of the year is not Roger, it is Francis, sorry, I have to disappoint some Roger fans, because I love Francis' character way too much! His character is so caring, so smart, so sweet, so serious, and sometimes so funny. I can not stop thinking of this character... I don't like Flora's character very much, because of the way she is struggled with her destiny. Myolie's character is great, she is very brave, who tries very hard to find her true love, this character is very encouraging.

- The Storyline
I know you guys all think this series suppose to focus on the airplane a little more, which I agree. However, it is a 40 episodes series, if you want all 40 episodes to focus on airplanes, you will fall asleep pretty soon. This is why, the scriptwriter puts a lot of love materials into the storyline, which attracts me very much. A lot of you might think the story has too much love struggles, but those love struggles are very refreshing, and make the audiences want to know what will happen next. The ending is very perfect, perhaps the best ending I see all year!

- Worth Watching?
This is the must see of the Year! I don't care if you are Francis fan or not, you will become a fan of his after the series no matter what. This series will give you lots of lessons about life and love, also some lessons about being a pilot, which is very refreshing to watch!