Lai Shing Nam's Dying Scene

Gam Sai Wai -- Raymond Lam Fung
Lai Shing Nam -- Michelle Ye Suen
Kuk Chi Wah -- Rain Li Choi Wah
Meng Shen Tung -- Ko Hung

Shing Nam's true identity was revealed, Sai Wai was mad, he slaps her, and whishing never see her again. Shing Nam was sad, and said to Sai Wai, "you will regret this for the rest of your life!"

Meanwhile, Shing Nam's boss orders Shing Nam to kill Sai Wai. Shing Nam agrees, and she disrupts the wedding of Mimi Lo and Chan Kwok Bong. Shing Nam brings Meng Shen Tung's head, and give to Kuk Chi Wah as a gift (Chi Wah is Meng Shen Tung's daughter). Chi Wah was shocked to see his father's head, so she touched, and was poisoned. Sai Wai tries to get her poison out, but was unsuccessful, Shing Nam says, "no matter what you do, she is not going to wake, I am the only one has the solution to this poison."
Sai Wai: "Why you doing this?"
Shing Nam: "I told you, I want you regret for the rest of your life!"
Sai Wai: "Give me the solution to this poison; otherwise, I will kill you."
Shing Nam: "You know me, the more you push me, the less I will give you the solution!"
Fiona Yen asked Shing Nam, "Chi Wah has nothing to against you, why are you doing this to her?"
Shing Nam: "Sai Wai knows the best about what I have to against Chi Wah."
Sai Wai: "What do you want?"
Shing Nam: "Simple, I will tell you tomorrow, meet me at the forest." Then, she left the wedding...

Next Morning, in the forest
Shing Nam wants Sai Wai to marry her, so that she will give Sai Wai the solution, Sai Wai agrees¡­

Before the wedding of Shing Nam and Sai Wai
(you will not see this part until later, when Shing Nam revealed the truth to Sai Wai)
Shing Nam brings a fake head to her boss, and tells him that is Sai Wai's head. Of course, her boss knew it was a fake, so the two begin to fight. Shing Nam used the most complicated kung fu skills in order to kill her boss. (The level of kung fu was the highest skill, but the people who use it will die because that skill was so powerful that will cause the person's arteries and vines break apart, basically, Shing Nam was dying before she marries Sai Wai¡­) Her boss asked her, "Why are you sacrificing for the man who never loved you? It's not worth it!" She smiled and then used the skill to kill him¡­

The Wedding Scene
Shing Nam is wearing a white dress, she enters the room, it was Sai Wai there; he is wearing red, he looked at Shing Nam, and did not realize she is dying¡­ The two married and Sai Wai was impatiently asking Shing Nam for the solution to the poison.

Sai Wai: "I already did what you asking me for, where is the solution?"
Shing Nam: "Why are you so hurry, we didn't drink the wedding drink yet, we are not yet considered as a real husband and wife."
Sai Wai: "If you want me to drink the wedding drink, give me the solution first."
Shing Nam was disappointed: "You still think about her at this moment¡­ Let me tell you the truth, there is no solution to her poison!"
Sai Wai was mad, "What are you talking about?"
At this moment, Shing Nam is bleeding, Sai Wai didn't see that.
Shing Nam: "I said, there is no solution to her poison."
Sai Wai: "You are lying, there is no way, it can't be, how can it not have a solution? Give me the solution!" Sai Wai walks towards Shing Nam and grabs her arm; finally he realized Shing Nam was bleeding. Shing Nam fainted and said, "I meant, her poison does not need any solution, she will wake up within three days!" At this time, Sai Wai finally realized Shing Nam was not intent to hurt anyone¡­
Sai Wai checks her pulse, and realized she used that high level of kung fu. Shing Nam, "I will do nothing to against you, Sai Wai¡­" She begins to reveal how she killed her boss." Sai Wai finally realized he misunderstood her!

Shing Nam, "But, you never understood, now I have to go, did you understand now?"
Sai Wai was sad, his realized how important Shing Nam was to him, "Don't go!"
Shing Nam, "After I am gone, Chi Wah is still there to be with you¡­ My biggest wish is to become your wife, Sai Wai¡­ Now, my wish is coming true, it's time for me to leave¡­"
Sai Wai shakes his head, he begins to cry, "Don't go, we did not drink the wedding drink yet¡­" Sai Wai takes the drink and the two finally drink it together.
Shing Nam breaks down and cries, "Sai Wai, I don't want to leave you¡­ I know, you love Chi Wah, I wish she and you can be happily ever after¡­ I only wish you will remember once there is someone like me, who really really love you¡­ Sai Wai¡­" Shing Nam touches Sai Wai's face, tries to wipe away his tears, "Please don't feel sad, if you are hurt, my heart is breaking¡­ you see¡­ you see, it's snowing outside¡­ It's like when we meet for the first time¡­"
Sai Wai turns around and sees the snow outside and remembers the first time he meet Shing Nam¡­ Then he turns back to Shing Nam, "Why don't we¡­" Shing Nam could not hear him anymore, she is already died¡­ Sai Wai hugged her and cried out, "Shing Nam¡­ Shing Nam¡­

The Ending
Chi Wah tries to comfort Sai Wai, but was not successful. Sai Wais says it was his fault, that Shing Nam died, if he trusted her, he would not slaps her, if he understands her better, he will be able to realize she wanted to die¡­ Therefore, Sai Wai wanted to spend the rest of life with Shing Nam back in the island, where they had the happiest time together¡­